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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Perfect Arguement for Gay Marriage, or "More Liberal Ideal Spouting"

This is a port-over from the comments section, but I thought this was important enough to post on the main stream. Thanks Jeremy and Sarah for poking me with enough sticks to comment on this matter. Oh, and I claim bonus points for the fact that this image was stolen from the blog "Pastoral Theology". Nothing like repurposing from ironic sources.

Ooh, it's so scary...people loving each other and entering in partnerships allowed by law. Ooh...I'm going to hide under the covers and read the Hardy Boys now, while I wait for this menace to subside. There are some narrowminded assholes out there, they can't even do simple math. Here's the perfect arguement:

Gay marriages = more taxes, more money for divorce lawyers [should they disagree], more of a possibility for foster children being loved.

Now take that arguement and change "gay" to "more" and it still works. By the transitive property More Marriages = Gay Marriages, and the rest flows down like wine. Unless they want to stop the practice of marriage all together (seeing as More marriages = Gay Marriages) then they can jolly well do that. But seeing as these same people believe you must be married to procreate, they're dooming humanity. So we MUST have gay marriages (since Gay = More), because society depends on it. Either that makes a lot of sense or I'm a nutter.


Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

You and I, nutters both

Mr. Controversy said...

Very much so. I'm crazy to think people should be respected. Just...crazy.