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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The typical week of a Pajiban

Yes, I'm stealing from myself again. Shut up, I think this is worth it.

Friday: Saw that new [insert name of movie here] movie...it was [insert feelings here]. Time to fend off all the haters, as well as Skitz's unwelcome (read: hysterically funny/nonexistant) advances.

Saturday: When are they going to post the Hijack thread?! For fuck's sake, I've got to tell everyone about my [insert wacky adventure story/horribly depressing story/inappropriate buttsecks story here] story.

Sunday: Oh...someone already posted that type of story...fuck.

Monday: Do I HAVE to go to work...oh no...tell me they're not [insert latest reboot/remake/Joss Whedon cancellation here]. That's it...time to set these bitches on fire. FLAME ON!

Tuesday: Once again [insert lastest Pajiba icon to fall from grace in Hollywood] has disappointed me to no end with [her/his, latest film/tv show/significant other/rap album/etc.]. I wonder if anyone else out there is as sympatheti...SHUT UP! JOAQUIN PHOENIX CAN RAP, ASSHOLE!

Wednesday: Oh shit! I've spent all this time dicking around, I forgot to think of something that'd possibly be considered for this week's EE! Um...shit, gotta find a story worth the effort. AH HA! Ridley Scott is going to direct Rainbow Brite with Jensen Ackles, Daniel Day Lewis, and Katherine Heigl! Time to piss off Dustin!

10 AM: That Rainbow Brite comment HAS to win.
11 AM: Seriously, how many people can bitch about grammar and win?!
12 PM: Only an hour left, c'mon!
1 PM: Wha..they JUST posted Pajiba Love?! Damnit, Nosek...oh look, a singing dog. Totally worth the wait.
2 PM: Alright, this is getting ric-goddamn-dic...THEY POSTED IT!
2:01 PM: SON OF A BITCH! HOW DID THAT WIN?! GODDAAAM *sound of computer being broken/security escorting Pajiban off the premises of the public library/cat screeching*
2:15 PM: I'll congratulate everyone...even though my blackest heart of hearts is disappointed like a nerd on opening day of [insert name of the last big superhero movie here].
3:45 PM: Oh well...maybe next week!

Congratulations to the winners, and well done Ms. AvB! (I mean it this time!)

[DON'T insert saber saw here]


Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Haha! Maybe this one will get in for next week... I had a few of yours on my list, but there can be only 10! (Stealing from myself too, in case you don't see it there...)

Jeremy Feist said...


Mr. Controversy said...

AvB: Only funnin' with ya. Not a bad field though, not a bad field at all. Anybody who has to run EE kinda has to pull a Dr. Manhattan...mentally, not physically mind you...so I give you credit for being everywhere at once, and the ability to double/triple-teaming your mate.

Jeremy: I am not following you...I maintain a distance of ten feet and I never interfere with your personal affairs. Say hi to Kahlua for me!