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Friday, March 20, 2009

What Have We Learned This Week? (Week of Mar. 20th)

So what have we learned this week, besides "Mike doesn't always meet his self imposed morning deadlines, so he ends up not posting anything for two days"?

Well, we've learned that the media really needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and see if it likes the reflection of a two dollar prostitute that shines back. If it doesn't, then they should realize that the handling of Natasha Richardson's death was a shameful exercise in paparazzi tactics and speculation the likes of which we have not seen in quite some time, if ever. Liam Neeson and the rest of the family should sue the living shit out of them. (Special demerits go out to TMZ for getting the story wrong the most. You seriously expect people to treat you with respect when you go out and do this type of stuff? If you can piss off Tom Hanks, then you know it's time to scale it back a bit.)

We've also learned that sometimes the people that make us laugh are also the ones that make us think. The two are not mutually exclusive, and generally work well together...so long as they are equally balanced. Also, say what you will about President Obama's Tonight Show visit, but at least the man is making an effort to bring this country back to the prosperity it had before. We just might have to work harder at it than we thought. Besides, would you rather have someone working their ass off to get it right, or would you rather have someone sit back and let it all fall where it may?

Finally, I think we've learned that nature has the capability to kill us, and she has no compunction about sending one of her minions to do us in.

With those lessons learned, I'm going to go hide under my desk now. Have a good weekend everyone!


Jeremy Feist said...



Sorry about that.

Anyways, I can't wait to see what new and exciting ways the media will try to exploit the tragic and untimely demise of a wife and mother for their own personal gain. I'm thinking they'll probably crash their cars into her hearse so that they can get EXCLUSIVE! pictures of her before her family is forced to say their final goodbyes. God these people make me sick.

Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

Arachnophobic...I can't even look at the pictures, and it will be a LONG time before I eat a banana again......ugh.

As for Natasha Richardson's death, it was a accident, leave it alone. No reason to harrass the family. My heart goes out to Liam Neeson and the rest of her family. There is a reason I dropped my Journalism major in college...I'm not willing to be a whore to make it.

Obama made a joke that very well might have been clumsy, and maybe was insensitive (I don’t find it to be myself, but maybe...) I did want to add that if using the comparison to Special Olympics to mean "Not as skilled as Olympic athletes" is a wrong definition, than they ought to close the special Olympics and let these folks compete in the Olympics. What? You mean most would never make it because they are at a disadvantage to the athletes without impairments? Then shut up, the joke is appropriate. You can’t have it both ways.

And for the record, I support the special Olympics every year with cash donations. I think its great. But humor is humor, and yes its risqué. Its why I can laugh at Dennis Leery when he makes an un-PC joke about something I hold dear...Its a fucking joke.

You wanna get on Obama because you don't like his policies, thats fine. But this nitpicking crap is stupid. I didn't support it against Bush, as much of an idiot as that guy was, and I sure as hell am not going to back it for Obama!

Fine lessons all this week, good sir!