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Friday, March 27, 2009

What Have We Learned This Week? (Week of March 27th)

To tell you the truth, we didn't really learn that much this week. Well maybe all of you have, from other sources who decided to get off their asses and actually publish this week. Whereas I have taught no real lessons this week. I apologize, I've been rather distracted lately (work's kept me quite busy). However, I do believe one lesson has been taught, and it was not by me.

As some of you know, a dear friend of the Pajiba community passed away. Alabama Pink, real name Amanda Amos, passed due to complications with leukemia. As the news broke yesterday on the homepage, everyone poured in with thoughts, wishes, remembrances, and genuinely fond feelings. It's a sad fact of life that societies band together the closest during times of great tragedy, as easily as they do in times of great joy. Reading through the posts people left, the same message seemed to recur...though most of us do not properly know each other, we can still call each other friend. I have never felt closer to a group of people who are, in actual practice, complete strangers; and I have never felt such a sense of loss and grief for someone I've never really known.

Best wishes to her family, and to all Pajibans out there, thanks for being so cool. I would like to close with my original post from that morning, as a lasting tribute to this woman of strength.

"I'm a youngling here, so I'm not going to assume I knew her well, but I knew of her. That alone is a testiment to her life, because to be known and remembered by even one person is still a legacy.

Ms. Pink, it's a shame you are not with us right now. May the view from Heaven be kind to you, for if it exists then that is where you surely rest. May you see the lives of those you loved flourish, and may you give them inspiration in their time of need. From this point we honor you. We shall sing your praises, and remember the laughs and smiles you gave us. And some small part of us will always be in our minds, waiting for the day we get to reunite with you, our dearest friend.

Rest in Peace, you gentle warrior queen, for you have surely earned it."

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