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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Enough is Enough (or "Don't Give Up")

Jesus Horatio Christ! Almost everybody's fucking gloomy nowadays. Don't get me wrong, a lot of bad shit has happened to people both recently and in the recent enough past that has caused enough damage to everyone's self esteem and happiness. Make no mistake, I know there are forces (known and unknown) that are potentially and actually getting in the way of people being happy. Death, separation, reflection on the past, or just general blech...it's all here.

Well, maybe it's because I'm not in the shoes of others and maybe it's because I want to be this way, but seriously...fuck unhappiness. Right now I'm scared, and all I can think of is trying to make things better. Trying to rail against the possibility that darkness could envelope my very heart and soul if I'm not careful. Most importantly, the person whose doing this to me...is myself. Yeah, try THAT one on for size. It sucks, but for some reason I have this drive in me that wants to take on the darkness and just yell into it. It makes me want to become strong and defeat it, and just charge my way through to bright and happy times again. Yes times are hard, yes there's bad things going on, and yes it is easier said than done to just brush it off. But for some reason, I find it hard to let it get me.

I don't mean to be an asshole who's telling everyone to just cheer up and forget about it. I'm trying to do the contrary...I'm trying to inspire. We all believe in common threads like hope and the possibility that the sun's going to shine down on us again. It is in that respect I post this message. It is that reason I say fuck unhappiness...just go for it. Rise up and take it on with all of your might. Should you be defeated, then you shall at least have given it a try. But one is not totally defeated by darkness, unless they let themselves be defeated.

May the road ahead look as good as the road behind you. To better days, everyone. To better days. And to all of you who just aren't in the mood, save this post for another day and just write me off as the cheerful asshole in the room.

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Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

I'll raise a glass of cider to this my friend! Woot! To the future, and to making it a better day than the one I'm in (And today's pretty sweet!)

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