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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The First Ever Mr. Controversy Giveaway, or "FREE STUFF!"

So, I accidentally got another copy of the next James Patterson collaboration, Swimsuit from Hachette Book Group. (It can never be said that they don't take care of their friends.) This accident is an awesome one because it's given me an opportunity to do something I've been meaning to do for a while now...run a giveaway contest!

How do you enter? Simple, throw down a comment in the comments section that says you're in the running. Anything at all. Make me laugh. Whoever gives me the greatest laugh, gets the book. (If nobody makes me laugh, I'll just select someone on a whim anyway, but it'd be cool to get a laugh out of this.)

However, there will be one caveat: I'm planning on inviting the recipient of the book to co-review the book with me. That's right, this is an opportunity for you Cannonball Readers to throwdown with me, Siskel and Ebert style! We both get a book on our counts, and I'll (naturally) mention your blog on here.

To recap:
- Free publicity for your blog.
- A book/review to add to your Cannonball Read count. (And some extra copy for my Hachette friends).
- A copy of a book that's due out on June 29th, NOW! (Plus, I'll be autographing the book. Egotistical, I know, but really what harm can it do?)

So let's see those comments, everyone. The contest is open as of now, and will close on next Friday.


Figgylicious said...

Oh, God. I'd do this, except I've vowed to never, EVER read anything by Patterson ever again not even if someone paid me to.


Mr. Controversy said...

Ouch. Bad experience?

The Caustic Critic said...

I am game for this. I find Patterson generally entertaining, if slightly formulaic.

Then again, I'll read/watch almost anything involving a detective, so perhaps I am not the sort of discerning mind you're looking for on this one...

Figgylicious said...




Mr. Controversy said...

TCC: I agree with your assessment on Patterson. He has his formula, but he knows how to entertain with it. (I too have an obsession with Detective stuff as well.)

Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

While I'm not big on Patterson, I did like Kiss the Girls a lot (I did see the movie first though. That might have been why)

Mr. Controversy said...

Sarah - That's what got me into reading the Alex Cross novel series. I saw Kiss the Girls randomly on HBO one vacation, and I loved it. (Milk carton silencer FTW!) Then, I randomly joined a book of the month club in High School to get Roses are Red, along with 4 other books for $1. (When really it was $1, plus $20 in additional costs and signing onto a 2 year, 5 book commitment.) I loved it so much, I started collecting the Cross books and got into some of his other works.

Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

Yeah I thought it was pretty decent. I want to say I read along came a spider too....I did read another of the Alex Cross ones later. I kept imagining Morgan Freman as Alex. Couldn't help it. LOL. I thought Ashley Judd did an excellent job, and I am a huge princess bride fan, so seeing Cary Elwes in such a diffrent but great role was a lot of fun.

Mr. Controversy said...

I KNOW! Morgan Freeman, once he plays a character, you never remember them any differently.

True story: he actually was in the audience of a musical I performed in. Someone told me during intermission and I called bullshit on them, but sure enough he was there. Turns out I went to school with his granddaughter, and she was so down to earth that she never bragged about it.

So yeah, I helped make God laugh.

Anonymous said...


Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

That's Awesome! Best I can say was there was a well known Anime Voice actor in the audience of a musical I performed in last year with a local community theater.

Wow, Morgan Freeman...AWESTRUCK!

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