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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jestful Universe, Silence The Krazed Intelligent Diametrical Deity IN Gall.

‘Sup homeskillets?!

Mr. Controversy here in your grill to apologize for all of that bullshit up there. Apparently, Tucker Carlson was “Little Miss Pissed” at what I’ve been writing about him lately, and as such, he’s hacked into my blog and announced my retirement. Don’t get me wrong, I am retiring but it’s not for those reasons. In actuality, I’ve been offered an opportunity of a lifetime, and I’m here to share the good news with you all.

I’ve been invited to become a 150%, honest to blog, Prince! That’s right, I’m gonna be a royal, bitches! The country of Genovia has offered me a position as the ruling royal, and a bitchin’ bride! Which means I’m gonna get to rock tight tights to show off my ass…ets )(HAHAHA! ME!), I’m gonna have a bitchin’ castle, and I’m gonna rule with an iron fist. Because no one questions a Prince’s proclivities for codpieces that’s make the Bee Gees scream, leopard print, and Liberace.

I really wish I could stay and chat, but I got me a kingdom to rule!

Peace! Mr. C**ntroversy!


Jeremy Feist said...

The sad fact is, the moment you said Genovia, I knew you were referring to The Princess Diaries. My secret love for chick flicks starring Ann Hathaway has been exposed! Noooooooo!

Mr. Controversy said...

Which means that I'm exposed as well, seeing as I remembered it enough to reference it! =P

Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

Hey, if you had actually been the ruler of that country, I might have actually bothered to see that movie.

Mr. Controversy said...

The Princess Diaries isn't a bad movie. However I'll pass on the sequel, simply because the created of Grey's Anatomy wrote it and Raven Symone is in it. That isn't something racial, I just can't stand either of them.

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