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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Monday GAAAH! (4/13/09)

Morning, Readers. Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. What did I do, you ask? I had dinner with the family and spent the afternoon watching movies with them. (I also consumed quite a bit of easter eggs, which is always a treat this time of year.) I was almost motivated to take the week off from Mr. Controversy and write it off as a "Spring Break Blog-cation”, however I’m too lazy to be lazy, and plus if I take this week off, I’ll be off for longer than a week. Probably two, three the most. (Four if I’m feeling particularly zesty.)

That in mind…it’s showtime, folks.

- Whoo-hoo! Two out of three on this weekend’s Box Office Roundup, baby! But at what cost? Hannah Montana predictably pulled into the number 1 spot, and Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D managed to keep the third place. Thankfully, I was wrong about Dragonball, and Observe and Report seemed to do well with a fourth place opening. Next weekend’s picks: 1. 17 Again, 2. Crank: High Voltage, 3. Hannah Montana, Loveable Loser: State of Play

- Pirates: 0, U.S. Navy Seals: 1. Massive pwnage and patriotism abound.

- I actually want to see Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past, which I credit more to Jennifer Garner’s charm than Matthew McConaughey’s lack of charm.

- I want to go to the White House Egg Roll one of these days. I know, you need a kid with you to get in, but it’d still be fun.

- A Representative from Alabama, Spencer Bachus, is making a list of socialists in congress. Joseph McCarthy would be proud, however the lack of an Edward R. Murrow disturbs me.

- The Obamas finally got their puppy, and it’s adorable. It’ll be the most adorable thing on television, unless you’re Madonna. In her case, the most adorable thing on television is those Feed the Children commercials. (They’re like shopping lists for her.)

- Glenn Beck is scheduling a comedy tour. Which poses the question: is this funny because it’s fitting, or is this not funny because it’s pretty much expected.

- Eminem is back. Continue along your current business everyone, nothing to see here.

- Anybody out there planning something special for Spring Break?

- I’m almost done with season 1 of Battlestar Galactica. I feel the addiction growing stronger with every episode.

- The Duggars are welcoming a new addition…their oldest son and his wife are now taking the procreative reins. Maybe Mama Duggar can take a break now. (Not likely.) I would also like to announce, that unless something big happens (or if it’s a slow news patch should anything happen), I am going to retire the Duggars from the list of grievances.

- I’m so so close to finishing Endgame 1945. (Literally within 25 pages.) After two months, I’ll see victory in World War II. Which means I’m heading to the first happy/light book I can select from my pile of Hachette provided literature.

- Want to be scared out of your wits? Read this. (As if Bachus’s little list wasn’t scary enough.)

- Finally, a friend of mine and I were talking today and something interesting came up. Last year, during the political horserace we all were involved in from the first day of 2008, there was a limitless sense of optimism. We all took part in the great experiment of our country and the end of the year left us all hopeful, thanks to the end result of our labors. However, as 2009 started we all began to sense a feeling of disaster. Things started to go bad, and the optimism we entered the year with has slowly dimmed. Indeed, if we of today were to tell ourselves of the past, “It’s going to get worse before it gets better”, we would have laughed it off. Yet here we are, everything seeming to get worse before it gets better. Some would wallow in their despair, some would let it beat them. But there are some who are doing something about it. Some who are working through the present storm, for a better future. I would say they are the people that get the true picture. It’s been a long held belief, the “worse before better” paradox, and while we may be pushing our way through dark days and the possibility that all we know and love could change and come crashing to the ground, we mustn’t forget that we’re in the middle ground between worse and better. One day, who knows when it will be, the sun will shine on all of our faces again. Our hard work will be recognized, our spirits lifted, and the promise of tomorrow will not only be fulfilled…it will be sustained through all of us. Don’t give up. Don’t surrender to the darkness, for it will surely swallow you and all you know. Stand up, and do what must be done. I promise you all, we will smile again.

Have a good Monday everyone. Now let’s proceed to kick the shit out of this week and all that follow it.


Jeremy Feist said...

No offense to all these doomsayers, but they've been out of power for all of, what, three months? My God, they are really not taking this well. I mean really, if we can go through eight years of Bush, is it really too much to ask that you find it in you to last for four years of Obama?

Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

My Tuesday Gahhhhh! (I had monday off)

a 20 something year old patron cae in to our library today, after the birth of her first child. A lovely little girl. Her name "Bella Swan (Last name here)" Yep, this poor kid is named after the lame female "Lead" from the Twilight books...I feel for ya, kid. I do.

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