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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Monday GAAAH (4/20/09)

First off, congratulations to my friends Rob and Heather for their wonderful wedding this weekend. The whole affair was beautiful, and it truly was spectacular. More thanks go to my friends James and Ali for helping me have a wonderful day in the city of Madison, and introducing me to “Business Meeting” and That Guy With The Glasses.

- I got my first parking ticket this weekend up at Drew University. While I’ve been obedient and paid the ticket, I would seriously like to request they consider it a donation towards my Senior Pledge seeing as they have no Alumni parking program. (At least none they’ve made people readily aware of.)

- Box Office Roundup time: I was wrong, and in the most awesome way. People still DO care about politically relevant thrillers! Sure, 17 Again opened on top as expected; but State of (Freakin’) Play got second place! As an added bonus Monsters vs. Aliens 3D stole third from the snake monster Hannah Dakota, or whatever her name is. The Lovable Loser of last week won big! This weekend’s predictions: 1. The Soloist, 2. State of Play, 3. 17 Again, Lovable Loser: Earth (isn’t it always?)

- The weather this weekend was outstanding! I hope everyone enjoyed it, because it looks like we’re getting plenty more where that came from this week.

- Ellen Pompeo, the whiney star of Grey’s Anatomy, is pregnant. I’m not a fan, but I’m actually interested to see how they handle this.

- Is the “tea bagging” over yet? I want something new to laugh at from the news media.

- One of the little girls from Slumdog Millionaire was actually being sold by her father for $300,000 dollars. I actually can’t come up with anything to mock that. Not even a Madonna joke. That’s just kinda sad, actually. Then again, so was Slumdog.

- Seriously, after this weekend’s wedding, I’m thinking of becoming a full time wedding crasher. Photographers love me, crowds laugh with me, and dancing is the best exercise outside of action movies and sex.

- A big opening for the play Mary Stuart happened last night, and it’s awesome to see Liam Neeson enjoying himself with Ralph Fiennes. Also, Jeremy Irons looks like he could be a kick assed theater professor with the get up he’s wearing. Don’t believe me? Here’s the slideshow.

- Sir Michael Caine recently gave Ain’t It Cool News an interview. Good to see him still at work, and good to see him still kicking ass. Eagerly anticipating Harry Brown.

- One more comment about the wedding and I swear I’m done. Best way to end a reception? A massive group hug, whilst everyone is singing Hey Jude to the bride and groom. Take that, Across the Doucheverse!

- This is STILL no time for jokes, Gigantic Turkey Sub.

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