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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Monday GAAAH! (4/6/09)

It's Monday. Rainy, cold, dreary Monday. At least, it's not snowing.

- I recommend you all immediately listen to the British radio series Cabin Pressure by John Finnemore. It’s hysterically funny, and plus John Finnemore is quite funny himself. If you enjoy said series, Series 2 will be on BBC Radio 4 sometime this summer (Us Yanks can stream it through their site) and John Finnemore’s blog “Forget What Did” is included in the Archive of Awesome for your perusal. (Also, I immensely enjoy the irony in the fact that he plays the dim witted but extremely lovable Arthur on his own show. The one that he very smartly wrote.)

- Artists that now must retire due to their presence on “lite FM” stations: Pink (sorry, P!nk), Green Day, and Journey (which should have folded when Steve Perry left/the 80’s ended).

- North Korea launched a “satellite”, though some say “ballistic missile”. “Satellite”? “Ballistic Missile”? “Telecommunications”? “Threatening Weapons”? Sing it with me now, “let’s call the whole thing off”!

- I think I’m going to start posting original song lyrics here. One of my dreams is to cut a jazz record, but the only thing that’s holding me back is I can’t write music. I might have to use the Mel Brooks method, which is humming into a tape recorder and giving it to someone who knows music.

- Speaking of Mel Brooks…does anyone else miss him? Seriously, the man is a comedic genius, and even his “bombs” were funny. (How does anyone hate Robin Hood: Men in Tights?!)

- If you want to laugh, click on this and this, and especially this!

- I promise I’ll let the Twilight thing go…after seeing the movie for Breaking Dawn. (Or as it will be affectionately referred, “OMNOMNOMNOM!”)

- Spoilers for 24 (Warning: some actual spoilers are mixed in with this bit of fuckery): Jack Bauer will turn the virus within his system into solid gold, and pass it through his system in hour 22. He will then beat Jonas Hodges within an inch of his life with said gold in hour 23. Hour 24 will consist of Jack Bauer hopping a flight to North Korea. When asked the purpose of his visit, he’ll say “Business” in a bad assed tone of voice as he dons his shades, readies the Jack Sack, and sets out for Kim Jong Il’s House of Pancakes.

- Fast and Furious was (surprisingly) at Number 1 this weekend. Here I thought that series was dead and buried, but with this strong showing it’ll be around for at least two more installments. I missed with the rest of my top three, and as such I pose a question to America. How the HELL did you let Adventureland fail? My predictions for this weekend: *shudder* Hannah Montana: The Movie, *shudder* Dragonball Evolution, and Monsters vs. Aliens 3D. This weekend’s “lovable loser”: Observe and Report. Ironic considering there’s probably a fair amount of people out there just waiting for Paul Blart 2: The Passion of the Blart.

- Spoilers for Hannah Montana: The Movie: She’ll become a pop star again, but she’ll actually remember to visit home every once and a while. Meanwhile, the film will end with a tease to the next film in the “Disney Tween” franchise…The Jonas Brothers in “The Long Good Friday Red Hot Catholic Boat Trip”!

- Speaking of movies, does anyone else think Obsessed belongs on Lifetime rather than in the theaters? If you’re going to rip off Fatal Attraction, at least make an attempt at a serious thrill-down. Beyonce + Niki from Heroes Clear Rivers from Final Destination/All Out Catfight = Number 7 opening, with a DVD release three months later.

- Today was the first thunderstorm of the year. Celebrate by flying a kite. (Just be sure to put away your keys, and wear rubber boots.)

- Yesterday I was watching Mean Girls on ABC Family. Funny how they censor the words “bitch” and “ass” out of the film, yet they advertise the show Roommates, which looks like a show that not only will use both of those words but also doesn’t seem like a family friendly show in general. (Unless you call an episode where two roommates pontificate about finally sleeping together, “family friendly.”)

- Spoilers for Good Friday: The sequel “Easter” will feature a resurrected Jesus, who will mow down the Romans with his “Laser Gaze” and his sidekick, Hiranamous Q. Bunny.

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