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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Mr. Controversy 1st Anniversary Highlight Reel, and “Burn Notice”

First off, I was thinking of yet again announcing that I’d be taking a brief sabbatical. I was dumped this past weekend, and I thought I just needed time to cope. That is complete bunk, because if anything this is the type of therapy I need right now. I need to keep talking, I need to keep going out with friends, and I need to keep writing. This is a pretty big void to fill, and I’m certainly not turning to food to fill it. (I’m enough of a pudge as it is. =P)

This doesn’t mean I’m going to write at length about what happened, at least not at this time. As much as I would want to “write it out”, I believe it would be disrespectful to myself and Danielle. I have too much respect and love for her, no matter what terms it all ended on. I’m not going to lie: I’m hurt, I’m lost, and I feel like I have a knife in my heart and I’m slumped over in an alley bleeding out. I just wish I were enough for her. As the song says, “I’ll only miss her when I think of her…and I’ll think of her all the time.” No offense to you all here, but if it meant she’d stay I’d read any book, see any movie, and I’d even stop this blog dead in its tracks. (I’d still be friends with you lot though, and I’d visit your blogs. No sense getting rid of friends.)

Naturally, I still hope for a day she’ll come back to me, and it doesn’t help that I was planning on possibly proposing to her by our third anniversary. However, I guess that third anniversary will rest where the fifth season of BSG, the seventh book of the Hitchhiker’s Guide trilogy, and the eighth Harry Potter book all reside…it’s not happening. At least I don’t see it happening. (Forgive me, I’m having a hard time accepting the gravity and reality of the situation.)

To hopefully brighten the mood a bit, here’s the top 12 posts I’ve had on here, and yes she’s a part of some of them. It’s not my fault that some of the best work I’ve done came from the love we once shared. Even though the blog started last April, we’ll be starting in May seeing as that was when I started posting substantial posts here.

May 2008: Speed Freak

June: Kids Protest the Darndest Things

July: The Devil v. George W. Bush (Part I)

August: Convention-al Thinking (Day 1)

September: Comedy and Politics: Perfect Together

October: The Broken Seeking The Broken

November: The Recovering Republican's Notes from the (Conservative) Underground

December: Team "Me": How "looking out for number 1" helps us all.

January 2009: Sudden Halt In Talent Syndrome: A Case Study

February: Frost/Nixon II: Dick Harder

March: The Devil's Comedian

April: In The Wake

Any suggestions for posts/rants/therapeutic practices, please leave them in the comments. You are all awesome. Even the girl who dumped me is awesome. And should she ever want to talk to me, she knows where to find me. I just hope she does, because I miss her and I hope to God she misses me too.

In any event, thank you to you all for making me who I am and giving me something to do with my spare time. I'll keep writing if you keep reading. (The quality, however, I'm not making any promises on.)


The Caustic Critic said...

Sorry to hear the bad news. Wish I could help--generally, when I'm sad, I like to watch John Waters movies, old Hannah-Barbera cartoons, and some of Disney's bizarrely psychodelic 1970s offerings like The Three Cabelleros. Anything to take my mind off the problem seems to help me. Thanks for keeping up the blog, and good luck!

Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

I'm sorry hon. Hugs.

Let me suggest my own Want to cheer myself up list:

The Venture Brothers
Monty Python
Space Balls
Dilbert: The Animated Series.
Invader Zim

Figgylicious said...

I'm sorry :(. This has to suck. But please, keep writing! Specially if it helps. I'll keep reading.

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Aw. Sad face :(

I like to throw rocks at street signs. Stop signs, directional signs, railroad xing signs. it doesn't hurt anyone and it makes a satisfyingly loud and harsh noise.

Movie-wise, I like to watch terrible, awful things that nobody in their right mind should watch, ever:
Repo: The Genetic Opera

but also old things that are comforting and good (sort of) and don't have much in the way of romance:
Buckaroo Banzai
The Attic Expeditions (or Re-Animator, or Frankenhooker, if I had it which I don't)

then again, sometimes I like to watch stuff that makes me bawl like a child, to get it out of my system. (Insert stuff here that makes you cry.)

In conclusion, I hope she misses you too.

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