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Friday, April 10, 2009

What Have We Learned? (week of April 10th)

I think the big lesson we’ve learned this week is that despite the inherent pessimism of the world we live in, dreams are still very much attainable. No matter where you come from, no matter how low or high profile the job you hold right now, if you seriously want to do something you’ll end up doing it. The only things stopping/helping you are the effort of work you put into it, and the level of sacrifice you’re willing to endure. If it’s your dream, neither of these will be a problem.

We’ve also learned that people apparently do have hearts, and in the case of Fox’s new reality show pitch “Someone’s Gotta Go” (a show in which employees get to vote on who loses their job) people still have a cultural gag reflex. Between this and “More to Love”, Fox has added to the list of tasteless and unsuccessful reality TV shows such as My Big, Obnoxious Fiancée, Who Wants to Marry A Millionaire?, Temptation Island, and American Idol. (Seriously, besides Kelly Clarkson who’s really succeeded after winning? Ruben Studdard is MIA, Fantasia Barrino is about as famous as that lady walking her dog I pass everyday on the way home, Carrie Underwood is at most a “Country” superstar, Taylor Hicks just kinda faded away, Jordin Sparks went on to be an insufferably “holier than thou” bitch, and David Cook…well at least he’s not a douche and at least he beat David Archuleta.)

Finally, we’ve learned that sometimes it isn’t the message that’s being put out there, sometimes it’s who’s broadcasting the message. Two cases in point: Kanye West responded rather uncharacteristically to the South Park parody of his rather not-so-cuddly demeanor…he was humbled. It took him this long to realize he was being so stuck up and high off his own supply that he’s coming off as a seriously whiny bitch. Maybe this will show in his work, maybe he’ll change. Who knows. The second case is a doozy too: Britney Spears has managed to make a good single again…the only problem is other people are making even better songs out of it. I thought Lily Allen was the only one who’d covered “Womanizer” (which I stumbled upon by visiting my good blog-friend Jeremy’s site Notes on Bar Napkins), but apparently The All American Rejects did as well. Now, Franz Ferdinand has taken the ball, and while I can’t watch the video at work I’d go as far as saying it’s probably awesome plus infinity. Such is the nature of the Double F. I leave you with said video, and wish you all a very Spring-y holiday weekend. Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and Happy St. Frankenstein’s Day.


Jeremy Feist said...

Aw. free publicity! Bitchin'!

I think I stopped watching American Idol after that super tight-ass bitch won it. Boooo, get over yourself ho-bag.

And hells yeah on the whole dream thing! I chased mine, and wouldn't you know it, I'm now on my way to making that dream come true.

Mr. Controversy said...

It's the least I could do for you introducing me to Lily's "Womanizer". It just radiates a classier vibe, with dark undertones. She's not hitting on a player, she's calling him out with a baseball bat in hand.

And good luck on your dream. Make Kahlua proud!

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