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Friday, April 24, 2009

What Have We Learned? (Week of April 24th)

Overall, it seems like this week was one big lesson in laughter and confrontation. You have to stand for what you believe is right, and sometimes that involves laughing in the faces of those who'd think otherwise. Other times though, you have to drive the point home hard and you have to get a little angry. Either way, no matter the odds, your opinion must be defended.

As such, you must also be ready for your opinions to be proven wrong as well. Case in point, we learned that SNL isn’t as bad as it was once thought to be. “Business Meeting” is a great example of a Digital Short gone horribly right, it's a mystery to me how it hasn't become as big of a viral hit as some of the other ones. Also, there was a really good Muppet Show sketch with Seth Rogan and a really funny Broadway sketch they did with Neil Patrick Harris, who even when he was mocking Rent definitely sounded the part of Mark. I guess it’s not all that bad after all.

I personally learned just last night that some things hold up even better over time than you could imagine, like The Muppet Show. I’ve just started renting them on DVD and watching the show from the beginning, I've begun to see just how clever it actually was. It's a perfect middle ground between kids stuff and clean adult humor, with just a shade of mischief. Normally I'd laugh something that attempted this off, but since it's the Muppets and they succeed admirably at this type of thing, I naturally laugh that very though off and laugh with them. (A side note: I wish I had a Muppet version of me. That would be awesome.)

Finally, I’d like to remind everyone about the giveaway going on. Yes, I’ve accepted the presence of my inner attention whore. In fact, the only attention whore bigger than me (at least in my life, excluding any popular media figures) is my girlfriend’s cat. With all that out of the way, I will talk to you fine people on Sunday (or thereabouts) in honor of the anniversary of this very weblog.


Ali said...

I'm so glad that this stuff ended up here!

(P.S. Neil Patrick Harris was Mark. Just because I feel like nitpicking.)

Mr. Controversy said...

Ali - Noted, and corrected. :) (I knew I should have fact checked that bit.)

Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

Ah the muppet show. Classic. Just classic. I love the one with MArk Hamil.

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