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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Monday GAAAH! (4/18/09)

Here’s to the graduates of the class of 2009. May their hangovers be light, and their spirits unbothered by the thoughts of a shitty job market and soul crushing debt!

- I finally succumbed to outside pressures and sales pitches and got a Blackberry. I really didn’t mean for it to happen, but that’s the nature of Verizon for you. On the plus side, it is rather cool and important looking.

- Box Office Roundup time: I didn’t think they had it in them, but Angels and Demons came in first with Star Trek trailing very closely at second. I guess Dan Brown hasn’t worn out his welcome yet. (I’ll eventually see the movie, just after I’ve finished the book..) Also, way to go Brothers Bloom for kicking ass in limited release. This weekend’s useless predictions: 1. Terminator Salvation; 2. Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian; 3. Star Trek. Lovable Loser: Anyone who’d rather be seeing Up this weekend.

- Sir Richard Branson is now taking Virgin into the realm of internet banking. If you ever get the feeling the world is a small, small place; try to picture how small it looks to Sir Richard. You’ll all of a sudden find that the world is actually much bigger in comparison.

- 24 Season 7 ends tonight. As a refresher, please refer to this Monday’s graphic. If you can tell who left, who’s dead, who’s a villain, and who was never a major plot point to begin with, then you’re ready for the finale. (And it better be a damn good one.)

- I’ve been helping take care of a batch of kittens lately, and I find that if you care for something small and furry it really does take the stress away. (It also activates long dormant baby talk functions in your speech that would be embarrassing otherwise.)

- I bet you thought I was going to say something about Katherine Heigl's death on Grey's Anatomy. Nope. I prefer to pretend it doesn't exist. Much like the visions of her long dead boyfriend, The Comedian. (Zing.)

- Think Steven Colbert would fight me in a bear suit? I think that'd be funny.

- We've already seen the media swarm over the Economy and Swine Flu. I dare ask, what do you all think the media craze that dominates the airwaves this summer is going to be?

- Up. Still dying to see it.

Sorry about this week's lack of "gaaah", but today feels like a weak Monday. Which makes me wonder how next Monday's going to feel. (Here's a hint: awesome.) Nevertheless, since the comment thread is a public forum, I invite everyone to exorcise their Monday GAAAHs right here. Let it flow people, let it flow.

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