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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Monday GAAAH! (5/11/09)

Sabbatical’s done, back to work, kids!

- Mr. Seresecros has won the giveaway copy of Swimsuit. Do not fear though…Hachette is giving me more opportunities to give away some of their books, and I plan on giving all of the followers at least one book.. So watch for the next giveaway, and keep your fingers crossed.

- Speaking of luck, I really like those Chase Bank commercials where they play “Knock on Wood”. The cool soulful version, not that garish disco version that’s more famous. For some reason, I picture a guy in aviator sunglasses with a drink in his hand sauntering and bogeying his way through Las Vegas. (That’s so going in the script.)

- Star Trek kicked all sorts of ass. George Lucas is probably sitting in a corner in an alcoholic stupor right now, wondering how J.J. Abrams did what he couldn’t, which was reboot a franchise but at the same time keep story and characters in tact. This weekend’s futile box office predictions: 1. Star Trek; 2. Angels and Demons; 3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine; Lovable Loser: The Brothers Bloom (Which is doing the “Only in NY/LA” thing. It better come to Jersey.)

- My only complaint with Trek: Shatner could have had a cameo. They could have flashed forward into the future after the credits, and Kirk and Spock could have been sitting around talking about the old days, and what the universe would have been like had the time travel bit never happened. Spock could say something to the effect of, “better days awaited us as a result of those events”. Cue dramatic music, and ending. Mr. Abrams…I’m waiting for your phone call.

- My friend Kyle sold me on two books this weekend – The Average American Male and The Lie. All he had to do was show me one paragraph in The Lie, and I was sold. (It was a really good paragraph.) I’ll be reading those soon.

- House finishes season 5 tonight, 24 ends season 7 next week…I guess this means I’ll have to fill the void with Battlestar Galactica, House seasons 1-4, and The West Wing. (Oh, and Two and a Half Men. Sorry, guilty pleasure.)

- I’ve been having a recurring daydream as of late. I wake up in this huge bed, in a beautiful apartment in New York. Sunlight is streaming into my room. It’s a Monday morning. I don’t have to do ANYTHING, except wake up and write, seeing as I’m a novelist and everything. In the meantime, I just lie in bed with a huge dopey smile on my face. The only words going through my mind at that moment are, “Living the dream, baby. Living the dream.” Nice to know I have something to strive towards.

- Happy belated National Rail Day, everyone! Celebrate by taking a train ride. (Sorry if I’ve offended the commuters in the audience.)

- Is selling out really selling out if they approach you first? Aren’t they selling out by trying to get you to plug their product, as opposed to hiring some bikini clad model?

- Brooke Hogan turned 21 this weekend. As usual, no one gave a shit.

- Michael Giacchino…plain awesome composer, all around cool guy, and he’s from Jersey too. Just had to put that out there.

- Did I mention I liked Star Trek? Because I really, REALLY did. Seriously, you know a movie’s good when you sit in front of the screen with your mouth gaping and/or smiling like a 6 year old at the end.

1 comment:

Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

I liked it to. I think I may be one of the few really old school trekkies that did, but damnit I'm not appologizing for that! :P

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