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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A (Probably Useless) Public Safety Announcement: Beware of Fake IMAX

Aziz Ansari of Human Giant posted this blog post about the recent appearances of fake IMAX theaters. These are theaters with the IMAX brand name, promising IMAX sound and picture, but not delivering quite that. But they'll still charge you the same ticket price. Read Aziz's rant for a funnier, more comprehensive rant on the matter.

I only personally know of one fake IMAX theater in New Jersey, and that's the AMC Loews Cherry Hill 24. (Thanks to my buddy Kyle for the intel.) From what I've heard, all a fake IMAX consists of is two 35mm projectors with the same film that are somehow projected onto the screen to make it look like a bigger format film. That's it, and that's not worth $5 extra per ticket.

It wasn't bad enough that when AMC bought Loews Theaters they knocked out all morning showings on regular weekdays (you know, in case someone has a day off with their father and needs something to do), and it certainly wasn't bad enough that AMC doesn't know how to use Fandango correctly when it comes to the Best Picture Showcase, now we have to deal with AMC AND Regal Theatres trying to foist off some imitation IMAX as if it were imitation butter.

No dice, fuckers. If you ever want me in another one of your AMC IMAX theaters again (like that beautiful one in Lincoln Square), then you better wise the fuck up and cut the fake IMAX bullshit. This is strike two my friends. Strike three, and I'm petitioning another theater chain to start sprouting up in New Jersey, so I never have to play patron to your theater again. Or maybe I'll just stop seeing movies in the theater altogether, and just wait for the big IMAX movies to come out. That way, I can go to the IMAX in Tropicana (A PROPER IMAX) and I know I'm not being taken for my money at the theater.

P.S. It should also be noted that I too am tired of concession coupons in lieu of cash refunds. GIVE US OUR MONEY!


Matt Osborne said...

I'm still recovering from my first IMAX experience about, um, 20 years ago?? So when I went to an alleged "IMAX" show in Nashville a couple of years ago and walked into the theatre to discover that the screen wasn't, y'know, an IMAX screen, I went back to the ticket booth and demanded my money back.

But you're lucky you even have a second movie chain. I live in a metropolitan area with exactly ONE movie theatre, and they rarely send anything here that might offend the yokels. Pickings is slim.

Mr. Controversy said...

Sad thing is, I don't have a second chain. I have three theaters in my area, that are each still at least 15 minutes away, all AMC. I wish I had another chain, but sadly I must worship at the altar of AMC. Bastards.

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