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Monday, June 15, 2009

Best Thing of Today: 6/15/09

Forgive me if I'm not one of the cool kids this time and missed out on the initial announcement on this piece of intrigue, but Dave Eggers (co-writer of Away We Go) has a tie-in novel loosely based on Where the Wild Things Are, which he also had a hand in adapting into a film set for release this fall.

I can't help but geek out over this idea, because childrens' stories that could be also taken with more mature spins are hard to come by. This might have "fail" written all over it, but I think it's awesome enough for me to go and bug the publisher for a review copy.

And in case you haven't seen it yet, here's the teaser trailer. The amazing thing is you can't easily draw the line between fluffy kids movie and poignant adult film. It works both ways, and the more you try to divide it the more you lose in the process. Which means that Warner Brothers has yet again put a lot of money into a commercially risky project, that at the same time promises much crossover appeal among children and adults. (This is also why Warner Brothers, for the moment, is tied with Pixar as being the best studio in Hollywood.)

The Wild Things is out October 1st; Where The Wild Things Are is in theaters October 16th.

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