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Friday, June 26, 2009

Best Thing of Today: 6/25/09 - 6/28/09

Appologies for the lack of update yesterday. Kyle and I had an adventure that took us from a morning at Knoebels to an afternoon near Centralia, and finally to a showing of Revenge of the Fallen. Knoebel's was great, Centralia wasn't as spooky as we'd hoped (might have been in the wrong part of town), and Revenge of the Fallen sucked. (Yeah, Michael Bay...you failed again.) There will be a huge rant about that later.

As for today...I should be going on my third date with the Possible Wonderful Amazing Girlfriend, and the weekend is the weekend so that's a victory in and of itself. I'm looking forward to some rest and relaxation after...rest and relaxation. Though, as a downside, I couldn't sleep last night so I'm slightly dragging today. Not enough to slow me down, but enough to make me twitchy. (Which means naptime when I get home.)

Have a good weekend everyone! I'll see you all either later today or Monday.


The Caustic Critic said...

Knoebel's IS great! I had no idea you were located so close to my former hometown!

Mr. Controversy said...

I'm actually in Central New Jersey, but not above an awesome 3 hour drive into an awesome area. I'm definitely going back their one day, it's that awesome!

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