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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Best Thing of Today: 6/30/09

This is the last “best thing of today column” I’ll be writing for a while. If I ever pick it up again, that is. So what’s the best thing of today? Closure. It’s been a long, hard fight to get here, but I made it. I wouldn’t be here without the help of a lot of people, and I am forever grateful I had the backing of such good listeners, clear thinkers, and funny yet supportive readers. You all truly are the best.

Another good thing about today is the fact that I’ve come to a slow realization of all the things I can do without her. I can be an unabashed geek, and not worry about getting eyes rolled at me. I can actually trust that whoever I’m texting isn’t merely ignoring me. Hell, I can trust again to some extent! I don’t have to worry about foot problems, retail schedules, constant sleeping and reading, isolation, unreturned feelings, cold and aloof behavior, boring behavior on vacation or at home, and Christmas parties. Most of all, I can dance again! I can go for walks! I can plan vacations, and plan cruises, and do whatever the Hell I want because “the bitch is dead”. She is dead to me, and if she ever wants to see me again and be friends she should know what she has to do.

In case she doesn’t (and in case she still monitors this blog, like the sneak she is), this is what would have to happen:

- She’d have to be away from the boyfriend, b/c I’m not making friends with her during that whole thing.

- She’d have to realize what she did to me and apologize PROFUSELY over a period of time.

- She’d have to earn my trust again.

- She’d have to admit what she did was wrong.

- Most importantly, I have to fucking feel like accepting that cunt back into my life.

The end wasn’t my fault, it was hers’. So now she can live with that while I move on with someone else. And who do I have to thank for my new found outlook? Well, I’ll try to name everyone:

Thank you, Lewis. Thank you, Nicholas. Thank you, Mom and Dad. Thank you, Snorb. Thank you, Tricia. Thank you, Chris and Hollie. Thank you to both Kyles. Thank you, Courtney. Thank you, Jill. Thank you, Chez. Thank you, Sarah. Thank you, AvB. Thank you, Figgy. Thank you, Catie. Thank you, Tyler. Thank you, Joe. Thank you to both Stephanies. Most importantly, thank you Kristina.

If there’s anyone else I forgot, I apologize, but you’re thanked as well. The first half of the year closes, and it’s already better than the start. Here’s to the future, and here’s to the month of good things. So say we all.
Oh, and for one last time...

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