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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Central Casting: 5 Actors to Play Me in My Life Story

5. George Clooney – Because he’s George Freakin’ Clooney! I’d trust the man to write, direct, and star in a movie about me after watching “Good Night, and Good Luck.” Plus, I’d probably have access to the rest of the Ocean’s crew for the other characters in my life, which would be quite interesting.

4. Gary Oldman – Because he can play pretty much anyone. Russian terrorist, slimy southern Republican senator, American police commissioner, English wizard…just give him the right glasses and dye his hair black, I know he’d be able to mimic me.

3. Anton Yelchin – Seriously, the kid can play anything. He’s like another Gary Oldman in the works, and his last couple movies only sold me on his worth as an actor. (Haven’t endures Salvation just yet, but Charlie Bartlett and Star Trek alone have me convinced.)

2. Robert Downey Jr. – Tony Stark is what I think I’d aspire to be, if I had the money and if he were an author instead of an arms dealer. If that doesn’t seal the deal, go back and watch Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Tell me one of his rambling monologues doesn’t sound like the way I write.

1. Greg Grunberg – The way he played Agent Weiss on Alias reminds me a lot of myself. Plus, it’s be awesome to get J.J. Abrams to direct a movie on my life. (Which would also mean Michael Giacchino would write a theme to my life. And theme music by Michael Giacchino would be AWESOME!)

Here's a fun little game for you folks at home. Using the previous Central Casting list, what are your suggestions for pairings between the actors playing me and the actresses picked as girlfriend replacements? (Or, if you want to be extra interesting, you can suggest substitutes for either or both.)

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