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Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 9

Last week was pretty rough for me. In fact, it was the roughest week since this whole thing began. (And trust me, there have been some doozies in the past 2-4 months.) It was a week that started with a botched attempt at reestablishing friendship and ended with me getting two of the Valentine's Day presents I had given this year back. So now I have a copy of Titanic on DVD (which I'll keep) and a Heart of the Ocean necklace (which I'll give to whomever claims my heart next, but only after I feel I can trust them).

I was incredibly heartbroken that she would start giving gifts back when all I was giving her back was her stuff. All I wanted was the things I lent to her: my copy of Ragtime by E.L Doctrow and my writing portfolio she probably never read. The gifts were hers. I didn't want them, because when you buy someone a gift it's something you bought with the person you knew (or thought you knew) in mind at the time. You don't go and ask for things back, you assume them given up. But I guess since Titanic was the first date we ever went on as kids, she couldn't keep it around. Accepting a nice dinner out and candy is perfectly fine, but jewelry and movies is right out. (And Valentine's Day was during the three months she "wasn't happy", so she really did a good job of playing along.)

I don't want this to turn into my topic of conversation everyday, and I'm sorry I'm bitching about me getting dumped again. Truth is, I just need to vent. I didn't vent enough when it was all going on, for fear I'd sound ungrateful. I didn't call her on enough bullshit, and I avoided confrontation so much that when there was something I should have fought with her about, I didn't. I didn't think a good boyfriend was supposed to pick fights. She got away with murder, and then she went in for the kill. Again, apologies. You don't want to read about this, and I really should be writing something funny and happy again. It's just so goddamn hard to do it.

1 comment:

Mariah said...

Actually, I like reading what you have to write, even if it's about the breakup... I learn things. :)

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