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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Monday GAAAH! (7/6/09)

I’ve been quite lax with the writing as of late. Blame it on the bossa nova, kids!

- Saw Public Enemies this weekend. It was an ok movie, didn't suck but wasn't too terribly impressive.

- Sarah Palin has resigned her governorship. *Sigh* Doesn't that feel good when you say it? More on this matter later today.

- Futile Box Office Picks for the weekend:
1. Bruno
2. Transformers 2
3. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Lovable Loser: I Love You, Beth Cooper (It honestly hasn't been advertised all that much.)

- A brand new Sonic Drive In opened by me a week or so ago. It's mobbed as fuck, but I still want to squeeze in a Breakfast Burrito sometime in the near future. My only big complaint is you shouldn't need police presence to open a fast food chain. It's a minor gripe at best.

- Sandra Bullock, may I please give you a piece of advice? Either make a sequel to Two Weeks Notice or start a movie series with your character from Murder By Numbers. Seriously, those were the last two good movies you made, and I'd much rather see you revisit those films than anything like "All About Steve" or "The Proposal". (Addendum: Betty White needs more work. She's really funny.)

- The Weather managed to cooperate this weekend. Here's hoping it stays that way for a while. Say, the rest of summer?

- Jon and Kate...god I wish these two fuckheads would just go off the air, sort their shit out, and do what's best for the kids. You've got a big family, as well as big personal problems, and you just need to sit back and rethink your lives for the next couple of months. And no, America does NOT have to watch you do it. In fact, kick the camera's out and just go ahead with your "normal" lives. GAAAH! Looks like I have another column for this week.

- I wish I had a beach house on Point Pleasant Beach. I even have the house picked out too. It'd be nice to be holed up in there for the summer, and even make trips their during the winter.

- I need to get my ass in gear on the Cannonball Read. I'm still working through Angels and Demons, and after that I think I'll try to start reading more of my Hachette review copies. (I feel bad for not submitting in like three months.)

- Evian Water has a new commercial with "roller babies". I guess I'll never drink Evian again. (Never really did for that matter, but this settles it. Enough with the fucking baby commercials, people!)


Beautiful Tragedy said...

I heart you! : D

Mr. Controversy said...

I heart you too. =P

Beautiful Tragedy said...

Not as much as I heart you! ♥

Mr. Controversy said...

Ma'am, I believe I heart you more.

Beautiful Tragedy said...

Sir, I think you phail.