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Monday, August 10, 2009

In Memoriam: John Hughes

Naturally, as a movie geek, I must pay tribute to John Hughes' passing. Naturally, as a kid of the 80's, I must pay tribute to John Hughes' passing. But more so, as a person who enjoys art, I must pay tribute to John Hughes' passing. Up until his films in the 1980's, the teen years had mostly been depicted as carefree years with zany hijinks and a gosh darn it attitude to boot. Hughes brought angst and emotion to a genre that would falter without his artistic touch. Face it kids, your movies aren't gonna be as good as these. There will never be another Ferris Bueller, or Wyatt and Gary, or Duckie for that matter.

Even his films dealing with families and adults were a high water mark for just what you could do with tragedy, coincidence, and a little John Candy, who was a good friend of his. A friend he felt he lost to Hollywood, and whose absence eventually would spur him to retire from the business. (Besides his want to raise his children the right way.) The best way to pay tribute to his work though, is to showcase it. And with that, I present to you a tribute video I stole from Ain't It Cool News.

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