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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Note To Anonymous Posters...

First off, if you're going to leave comments like, "YOU SUCK BIG DICK! HAHAHAHAHA!" or "Aww, I'm sorry you got dumped :(...NOT!", then I will not publish you unless you have a name attached to your comments. (And even if you have a name, I'll only publish them when I think there's comedy/good arguing to be had. Otherwise, you get posted in diatribes like this one.) Obviously you feel strongly enough about the matter that you want to make public record of it on the Internet, so why not go all the way and attach your name to your cause? Otherwise, you're the one sucking the appendage there my friend.

Second of all, I must thank you for speaking up on the dick sucking matter, because obviously your demographic isn't being heard from enough in the public forum. Would you like to perhaps comment more on the dick sucking epidemic that's seized the world of today? Would you care to interview fellow dick suckers and spit back up the product of your investigation? Or would you like to shut the fuck up and take the child's talk to Perez Hilton.com where it belongs?

Lastly, you're probably one of a handful of people I could think would post such stupidity. I won't address any of you in this post, but I'm sure you know what I'd say if I did. Just like you'd know that I'd respond publically to your stupidity and single you out like the moron you are. In short, I will leave you with one piece of advice. To say anything on the Internet, you need two things.

Brains, to know what you're talking about...

...and balls to back it up.

And now, to play us out of the year 2009, Alec Baldwin sums up my thoughts on the year.

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