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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Monday GAAAH! - 2/22/10

Monday's here and the time is right for another bulletin board's worth of frustrations. The weekend was relaxing, but now we take arms yet again and fight off another week of gaaah. The week begins here...

- Taylor Lautner shouldn't be allowed to be taken seriously. He managed to take two awesome animals (sharks and wolves) and has almost made them lame beyond all hope of recovery. Sharks and wolves should have a summit (probably on some beach or something) and make a pact to split Taylor Lautner as a meal in order to atone for this crime.

- I saw a commercial for American Idiot: The Musical and all I could muster was "You're shititng me right"? Since when did we become nostalgic for the times when the President was an idiot and it was so widely known that it overtook pop culture and media for a good eight year span? Not to mention American Idiot became the most overplayed album of 2004-2005. Morbidly curious but want to save yourself some money? Click here. I give it until July to close.

- Shutter Island topped the box office this week. It's nice to see a product of quality top the charts again, though here's hoping this weekend's Cop Out isn't a bust. (Also, the Best Picture Showcase starts this weekend, kids! Get your tickets while you can.) This weekend's Futile Box Office Predictions:

1. Shutter Island
(Why not? It'll be much talked about, and everyone loves a good twist ending.)
2. Cop Out
(I think this has the capacity to become Kevin Smith's biggest film yet.)
3. Avatar
(Because James Cameron is still working his dark magic.)

Lovable Loser of the Week: The Crazies
(It looks good but blue people, dick jokes, and Scorsese sell better than a film from the director of Sahara, who also happens to be a director from the loins of the worst Disney studio head ever.)

- For those of you who love my Customer Service rants, watch out for Blockbuster Can Go to Hell (Pt. 2). It's a fun little story of phone debates, free movies, and the Saw series. Needless to say, I've only grown to love Netflix even more.

- SPOILERS: BTW, Saw VI is a clear sign that Saw VII needs to be the end of the franchise. It's getting really ridiculous, so much that it's topped the heights of ridiculousness the series created a benchmark for. (And why would you bring back Agent Perez only to kill her ass dead for good? And the whole "Amanda being involved in Jill's accidental miscarriage" aspect? Completely unnessicary.) Watching Saw VI was akin to watching a sequel to a film you loved as a kid and realizing, "This franchise has gotten over the hill fast." Most toddlers would sympathize seeing as there's 15 Land Before Time's.

- Albatross.

- Joseph Stack is not a hero, he's a terrorist. When someone bitches about paying taxes and holds peaceful protests, or tries to educate others on tax law while articulating their distaste of the tax system...that's being heroic and intellectual. Flying a plane into a Government building, killing an innocent bystander (who probably hated the tax code as much as he did) and leaving a nice little manifesto on your blog that corresponds to your radical action...that's being a terrorist, a coward, and just plane stupid. May your shame mark your daughter for even considering you a hero.

- Doctor Who needs to come back to TV soon. I miss watching it already. What's more, American movie theaters should wise up and bring the 3D trailer for Series 5 to the states. Why should England get to have all the fun?

- If anyone at the BBC wants to offer me a writing position, I'd be mighty glad. I'm not too expensive, I'm rather funny, and I think I'd be able to produce 6 episodes a year of quality television/radio. Just offering is all.

- So say we all.

And now, to bring the week in on a high note, here's a trailer for something I desperately hope makes it to America. If you love Monty Python, you'll agree.

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