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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Monday GAAAH! (2/8/10)

Well, the Super Bowl is over, bringing another year of Football to a close. The ads were kinda weak this year, so I have to say that The Who’s halftime performance was the best part of last night’s festivities for me.

- Sarah Palin is resurging in the news as a hopeful in 2012’s Presidential Race. One could only hope that she forms a new Teabaggers Party, so the Conservative/Stupid Nut Job vote is split in two. And hearing her parrot the infamous, “How’s that Hopey, Changey thing working out for ya?” line makes me want to smack her on the mouth. (Note: Sarah Palin is the second woman to be added to the “Women I Want to Smack on the Mouth” list. The first being Katy Perry.)

- Dear John bested Avatar this weekend. So we go from a war torn love story with a Sci Fi emphasis and derivative source material to a war torn love story with a low budget and crappy source material? Why don’t they just funnel the money back to Avatar, seeing as they’re the ones that did it first this season. My Futile Box Office Predictions are as follows:

1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Because if there’s a bigger demographic than “women who like crappy romantic films” it’s “kids who like crappy fantasy films.

2. Valentine’s Day
Which would have been shooting fish in a barrel this weekend, if it weren’t for the numerous spawn produced by said holiday.

3. The Wolfman
Which would have probably made a killing had it been released last Fall as originally intended.

Lovable Loser: Me
Because it is yet another weekend without Shutter Island in theaters.

- I’d also like to note that next month we have yet another Nicholas Sparks movie to deal with…Miley Cyrus’s The Last Song. I’d come up with a combined insult to take the both of them down with, but the fact that they’ve joined forces together to make a film is enough of an insult to civilization.

- I was listening to a sermon on a Christian radio station today, and all I have to say is nothing annoys me more than the classic “holier than thou” spiel they play at. Honestly, have you ever noticed how when some preachers pass the word of God down to the unwashed masses, they sound like they’re trying to pass themselves off as God? Not to mention this guy was trying to be funny, and it just came off as uberlame.

- AMC's Best Picture Showcase is coming back soon. 10 films, 2 days, $40. (If you're a MovieWatcher's Club member.)

- Look for a report on the Super Bowl Ads tomorrow. Overall, the ads were weak tea this year, but there were a couple that stood out really well.
- Michael C. Hall has a voice that could sell you anything...because it sounds like he's going to kill you if you don't buy it.

- Why can't ABC and CBS do a crossover between 24 and The Bachelor? We'd get to see Jack torture Jake and then all the Bachelorettes would proceed to give Jack the most satisfying 24 hours of his life. Also, explosions.

- CSI: Miami is doing an episode where they investigate a murder involving Space Travel. What the writers of the show DIDN'T tell you is that the reason they wrote the story line is because Space is the one of the last places David Caruso hasn't acted like a douchebag with shades. Next season: the CSI Miami crew investigates a murder in Atlantis!

- I hate that Blogger's Spellcheck doesn't recognize "Weren't", "Bachelorettes", and "Douchebag" as words.

- (Click here and cue video to 0:07 seconds. Click play RIGHT AFTER reading this last bit.)
My ex is getting engaged on her birthday weekend. I hope the ring's made of out lead, because it looks like I've dodged a bullet.

And now, we're ready to begin the week. (That whole first part of the day thing was all warm up, anyway.) Here's The Who, circa 197X, to play us in...

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