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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Monday GAAAH! - 3/1/10

First things first...I owe you all a Happy Friday Video for last week. The snow had forced my hand and I was home both Thursday and Friday, so that lead to more sleep on Friday and no post. My fault, but I am fully prepared to make up for it. Here's The Mighty Boosh live on Jonathan Ross with their song "Eels".

Now, the week can begin.

Some icicles fell on the Sony Building in New York, causing some glass overhead to shatter and minorly injure some of the guests in the building at the time. When the incident happened, some members of the Jersey Shore cast were inside of the building; which goes to show you that even God doesn't want Season 2 to push forward.

- When did The Learning Channel become The Leering Channel? The only thing anyone could possibly learn is how you could get a television show for doing shit! As long as you've popped out multiple babies or can make a weird fucking cake, you're in! (Or if you're a hot tattoo artist with actual talent. I'd admit, I get sucked into L.A. Ink every now and then. That show gets a pass from me.)

- Not to sound racist, but is it just me or have Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry taken out a patent on African American being a new brand label? It seemed very self important for them to get their names onto the film Precious, which I believe was good enough on its own merit that it didn't need a push from either of their egos. Albeit, I'll never watch the film again (it was that rough of a ride) and Lee Daniels needs some more discipline as a director, but the finished product didn't need these two famewhores to propel it. All it really needed was its own steam.

- From what I've heard of William Shatner's Olympics speech, it just makes me realize that I want to meet this man and have a drink with him. I'm starting to think Denny Crane isn't just a TV character after all.

- Shutter Island was number 1 this weekend, followed by a strong performance from Cop Out and The Crazies in second and third places respectively. Hoorah for good looking movies making the box office tops! This weekend's futile box office predictions:

1. Alice in Wonderland
(IMAX 3D for the win.)

2. Shutter Island
(I don't see this one going away anytime soon.)

3. The Crazies
(Word of mouth favorites always take another weekend of success, and this one has some surprising critical legs.)

Lovable Loser of the Week: Cop Out (for real this time), because the competition is too hard for it to do exceedingly well.

- Accept the mystery.

- Spring...boy, do I miss Spring? Wonder when that's coming back to town?

- The Olympics are finally over...we can go back to silently resenting Canada now, instead of outwardly resenting them through shows of sport.

- Headline from MSN: "Obama, Clinton call [Tiger] Woods". I could see the President calling him to offer some sage advice and guidance, but I assume Clinton is trying to score pointers. Now THERE'S a call I'd love to hear once the Freedom of Information Act allows.

- Went to The Beach for the first time in a while this evening. God did it feel great. Just think, only a couple months left until we all get to play Jersey Shore: The Home Game!

- Jay Leno can still burn in Hell. Here's hoping The Tonight Show crashes and burns. (We miss you Conan.)

- George Clooney should be my stunt double in life.

- I'm starting to think The Hurt Locker just might win Best Picture after all.

- I'm starting to get into this Twitter thing. Look me up: MrControversy83. Better yet, follow me! I could use an army of Twitterati.

- Hey, who turned out the lights?

And now, we'll start the week with a behind the scenes video from Series 1 of Doctor Who. The funny part is, it's narrated by David Tennant, aka the Tenth Doctor, himself. Oh irony, delicious irony.


Jessica said...

1. Don't hate on Canada. They are my lovable neighbors to the South (and North, and East...I can't escape them). Plus, they gave us hockey, which makes them all right times four in my book.

2. My ex and I used to come up with new shows for TLC. Among my favorites: Big People, Small Problems which airs in tandem with Small People, Big Problems. Basically on one show you have Lars, who is eight feet tall and just wishes he could find a bigger spoon and shoes that really fit. Then on the other you have the 3-foot-tall Freddie, who is has a heroin problem, is recently divorced, and is about to lose his house. Then, the two will meet, putting Lars's small problems in perspective while he helps Freddie score...or something. Voila, I'm a millionaire.

I'm also still waiting for someone to bite on my (future) hit show Ordained, wherein we take 10 guys just out of seminary and about to take their vows, and then throw temptation at them for a few weeks, before one can finally be...Ordained.

3. Denny Crane.

Mr. Controversy said...

I don't hate Canada, Jessica. It was more of a joke. Besides, if there were anything to resent them over it would be awesomeness and better health care.