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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Monday GAAAH! (3/29/10)

The weekend, once more, has been too short. It's passed in a blink, and sure enough it was well worth the time. But now, it's time to punch in for another week of GAAAH!

- Vamp-O-Rama continues as I work my way into Book 3. Another book review will be coming your way today (or in the near future). As always, should anyone have suggestions for both books or reading marathons, feel free to notify. (I'm even thinking of a sequel...Vamp-O-Rama 2: Raising the Stakes, so more vampire books will be appreciated. I'm also thinking of a couple more interesting marathons coming in the future.)

- How to Train Your Dragon was the Number 1 hit this weekend (naturally), but the big surprise was that Alice in Wonderland held a second place finish after both losing IMAX and 3D screens, as well as competing with the Net buzz of Hot Tub Time Machine. Here's next weekend's Futile Box Office Predictions:

1. How to Train Your Dragon
(3D...IMAX...you know the drill.)

2. Clash of the Titans

3. The Last Song
(Gopher Cunt McSnaggletooth...Nicholas Sparks...you know the drill.)

Lovable Loser of the Week: Clash of the Titans
(Because Warner Brothers rushed it into a shite 3D conversion job.)

- It's raining again. Didn't we already receive our quota for the Spring? Can't we go back to 60 and sunny?

- Fox cancelled 24 this weekend. Somewhere out there, Chuck Norris is preparing to hide in his closet. Because when Jack Bauer doesn't have a nation to protect...he hunts.

- Easter is this weekend. Time to dye some eggs, receive chocolate, and think about just how a man can resurrect himself mere days after being crucified. Without being a zombie, of course. Because the Bible never has stories like THAT.

- Doctor Who starts this weekend in the U.K. Excitement abounds, seeing as I consider that my Easter present from the Universe.

- Why does the sample music for Windows always sound cool? They always get the neat, obscure songs that you've never heard of and make them available to you for free. Good deal, Mr. Gates.

- Did I mention New Moon blew goat? Seriously, that shit just fucks with your head.

- Workplace drama sucks. I've had some incidents lately that have really gotten under my skin. Just when you think you know someone and they're friends with you, they start shit up and spiral things out of control as they are wont to do. May the receive some sort of karmic retribution, since it's assumed that they believe in that sort of thing.

- Law and Order UK hit DVD in the US recently. I'm going to have to check this out for myself and see how it is.

Here to play us into yet another new week is Mr. Scruff with his awesome (and Windows 7 sample music worthy) composition, Kalimba.

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