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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Monday GAAH! - 3/8/10

Once more I was out for a Friday, and once more I didn't leave you all with a Happy Friday Video. I should start preselecting them on Wednesday and presetting them for release on Friday mornings. Anyhow, here's a cool look at how an IMAX 3D projector works; seeing as the reason I was out on Friday was because I had an adventure to New York City to see Alice in Wonderland at a preview showing. If you ever get a chance, go to the Lincoln Square IMAX theater...it's huge!

Now, with The Oscars having taken place, and some of the winners not exactly being my cup of tea, it's guaranteed that there will be bitching. Not right now though, for now we're just gonna stick to the generalities. (Ok, maybe there will be a Oscar joke or two. It's hard to avoid.)

- Dear Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, You've abandoned your child! You've abandoned your boooyyyyy!

- Alice in Wonderland made an amazing $210.3 million worldwide, with no small help to its simultaneous 2D, RealD 3D, and IMAX 3D releases. It was a pretty alright movie, but I can't help but think the Tron Legacy trailer helped boost the numbers a little too. (It's pretty sweet.) Here's this weekend's Futile Box Office Predictions

1. Alice in Wonderland
(The new bandwagon has arrived. Get on.)

2. Green Zone
(It can't hurt that The Hurt Locker won best picture this past year. Apparently moviegoers want to stay in Iraq. This looks like Hurt Locker meets Bourne, so I'll withhold judgement until seeing it.)

3. Shutter Island
(Did you think it would die that easily?)

Lovable Loser of the Week: Green Zone, because its success will live or die depending on how everyone compares it to The Hurt Locker.

- Even though it looks like an action movie rip off of Repo: The Genetic Opera, I still want to see Repo Men. It looks pretty kick assed.

- The Dude Abides.

- The Coen Brothers and George Clooney continue to show up at the Oscars, and I continue to become comfortable with them. It almost feels like they're friends. (Especially Clooney, since he was wearing my socks in Up in the Air.)

- Spring is coming, and we're getting quite the sampler pack in the mail today. Enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts...we're rumored to have a huge snowstorm at the end of the month.

- Cablevision needs to stop fucking around with its customers. I'm not one of them, but I know a couple and it's not fair to have TWO separate incidents of "we don't want to pay you more, so we're going to pull you off the air".

- That's-a-Bingo!

- For the third year in a row I've spent the Best Picture Showcase in New Brunswick. Even though it's also showing in the much closer Freehold location, I'd never trade it for New Brunswick in a million years. The crowd is familiar, the stadium seating is awesome, and the Famous Dave's is tasty as always. The only thing that will change is the number of people going, and that seems to be trending upward. Thank you, AMC Theaters. While I might gripe about you sometimes, it's nice to know you have such a movie geek friendly event as a staple.

- Road House.

- Empire State of Mind should be pulled from heavy rotation, because scientific studies have shown that listening to it makes me stabby.

- Expect a book review of Shutter Island soon. I'll try not to spoil anything too much with my analysis.

- I love a good zinger. It's an artform that needs more of a showcase in our modern discourse. Much like motion pictures that can think. ZING!

- How IS a Raven like a Writing Desk? Did anyone actually answer that one?

And now, to play us into the week, is none other than Academy Award Winner Jeff Bridges...

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