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Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Friday Video - 4/23/10

Today my dear readers, you get three Happy Friday Videos in honor of the awesomeness experience by myself, my girlfriend, and my best friend yesterday in New York.

First off, we got to finally see How to Train Your Dragon in IMAX 3D yesterday. My impression? The film was amazing, and they got away with a Disney story taking some very un-Disney like turns. Sanders and DeBlois belong at Dreamworks Animation where not only is their vision needed, it's truly appreciated. Between this and Kung Fu Panda, I have faith in Dreamworks Animation again. So with that, I give you a video from the stars pimping out the film in its IMAX format. (Yes, this is more corporate shilling; but it's shilling in hopes of winning a limited edition Lithograph from the film. So if you're not partial to my shilling, just skip this video.)

Next, the three of us went to lunch at Les Halles, better known as the restaurant that Anthony Bourdain put on the map. Naturally this lead to the consumption of exotic foods and purchasing of an autographed copy of The Nasty Bits. Perhaps the most surprisingly awesome course though was the starter of Foie Gras. I'd never had it before, but Chris swears by it; so I figured I'd give it a shot. It's so scrumptious, it's sinful. One bite and I was euphoric. I hated Chicken Liver as a kid, but the difference between this and Chicken Liver is like the difference between canned tuna and sushi. Here's Bourdain himself extolling the virtues (and debunking the myths of) Foie Gras.

The last video is from last night's episode of The Colbert Report. If you ever get the chance to see Stephen Colbert live, DO IT. He's funny, he's personable, and he loves his audience. (I actually got him to call me a bigger nerd than he and he returned the Vulcan salute when I gave it to him.) Plus, watching him screw up is hysterical and listening to him swear is a lot of fun when you're sitting in the studio audience. (They should call it Colbert Unbleeped.) I am proud to say that we were there for the first "Bonus The Word", as well as the television debut of Steve Colbert (pronounced "col-bert"), and not one but THREE performances of The Gorillaz single "Stylo". Here's the video of the performance they ended up using. (Two were awesome, but one was incomplete so it can't really be ranked.)

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Gorillaz - Stylo
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Ali said...

Mike, I am so jealous. How far in advance did you have to get those tickets?

~THE Ali

Mr. Controversy said...

Not too far in advance, THE Ali. The Facebook pages for both Colbert & Daily Show give them away at random intervals. Friend them and subscribe to their updates so you can be ahead of the curve.