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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Monday GAAAH! (4/12/10)

This weekend was a fun one, but as always was too damn short. Here we stand yet again, on the cusp of a new week. Let's make it a good one out there, kids.

- Go see How to Train Your Dragon in IMAX 3D. Yes, that was a little bit of ad shilling, but it's ad shilling that I can get behind. Seriously, the Lilo and Stitch guys are behind this one, and it'd be sticking it to the Disney folks if we made this one a success. Besides, IMAX is the best way to see a movie, seeing as it kicks the shit out of even the best home theater system.

- We don't have any American Folk Tales anymore, do we? The closest I've ever seen in our modern age is the Jack Daniels ads. Get on that, America. Folk tales are fun, and when's the last time you've heard a story with just that little dash of heroism and pride that wasn't built in there already.

- I actually got last weekend's Futile Box Office Predictions right! Huzzah broken clock syndrome! Anyway, here's this weekend's FBOP's:

1. Kick Ass
(Because it will syphon off a good portion of the audience that'll want to see Clash of the Titans...)

2. Clash of the Titans
(...but it'll leave enough of them that can't get in without ID.)

3. Date Night
(Because there will be just enough buzz to get couples to see it this weekend, when they missed it last weekend and/or parents who had to train a dragon last weekend will finally get their own date night.)

Lovable Loser of the Week: Date Night, for being muscled around by an inferior 3D picture, and being manhandled by Shaun Levy's "directing".

- Hotbox.

- I've decided to ease up on the Sparkletard throttle for a little. After all, I've gotta save some rage for when Eclipse rears its ugly head full force.

- Redbox needs a guideline of ettiquette for their machines. And I'll be happy to write it for them myself. Look for "The Redbox Guide to Rental Etiquette" soon.

- How could we have closed so many Comic Shops and Arcades? Do people not like fun anymore? Last time I checked, that wasn't the case.

- More movie studios are delaying their films for Online/Kiosk Rental, most recently Fox and Universal. Congratulations on shooting yourselves in the foot, because Brick and Mortar stores are already stooping to desperate lengths to stay in business (I'm looking at you Blockbuster. WTF on the late fee revival?) and most people can wait for new releases anyway. You limit our options, we're just going to go give our business to someone who doesn't dick us around. There's always a plan B.

And finally, this has to be one of the easiest Opening Acts for the Week I've ever had to select. I showed my girlfriend Up in the Air this weekend, and was reminded out of how beautiful and poignant the film is. I consider it the best picture of 2009's Oscar line up, which puts Jason Reitman at a 2-1 score. (Juno sucked, admit it.) If you haven't seen it, I highly implore you to do so, mostly because of George Clooney's performance in the film. The man breaks your heart as easily as he'll make you laugh. Another reason to see it is because of the ecclectic, yet fitting soundtrack. One of the best sequences in the whole film, musically and thematically, is the wedding sequence towards the end.

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