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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Mr. Controversy 2nd Anniversary Highlight Reel

Wow. What a difference a year most certainly makes. The last highlight reel had me upset and sad over someone I'd lost, while maintaining respect for said party. That respect flew out the window thanks to some dramatics, and things just continued to get uglier and uglier.

On top of that, one of my best friends received the same treatment from his wife, and now another friend is going through the Sarah Marshall Chronicles. Yet, this post finds our world in a happier, much better place. Wounds have healed, and things are looking up. 2010, so far, is kicking 2009's unholy ass by bringing out the best it can. To paraphrase The Who, I've got to think that Twenty-Ten is gonna be a good year.

I admit, the quantity of output for parts of last year up until now have not been so kind to you, the reader. However, I'd like to the the quality is still there, and as such here's the best of the last year. For two years, Mr. Controversy has been up and running, and I thank all that have been reading it. Be you a hater or a booster, a buddy or a bitch, friend or foe, cheerleader or a certain four letter word we all know and love (I'm being nice today, so you can just suck it.), I thank you all for making this destination something to talk about. Year 2 is in the can, and today we mark the start of Year 3. Action, kiddies.

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