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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Monday GAAAH! (5/3/10)

- Things to Read: "Lazarus" by John Connolly, as included in the anthology The New Dead. A reimagining of Biblical lore via Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. It's beautifully written, extremely short, and a promising start to a book I'll be reading in the next Reading Marathon, "Zomb-O-Rama".

- A Nightmare on Elm Street took the box office crown this weekend (unsurprisingly), while Iron Man 2 made a killing in the International Box Office this weekend (unsurprisingly). Meanwhile, Furry Vengeance died a quick death in 5th place (surprisingly). Here's this week's Futile Box Office Predictions and Trophies:

1. Iron Man 2
(Anyone who tells you otherwise loved The Back-Up Plan.)

2. How to Train Your Dragon
(It's going to lose IMAX screens, but 3D screens will still be friendly to our friend Toothless. Plus, it's made it this far without falling too hardly, so why not let it ride out its time in 3D.)

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street
(I'd like to think that slightly negative word of mouth would kill this film, but I have a feeling it'll hang on for at least one more weekend due to the morbid curiosity factor.)

Lovable Loser of the Week: The Human Centipede - First Sequence, for not having the bigger "midnight movie" market that it deserves. It's an unsettling oddity...so naturally a lot of people are going to want to see it. Get on a wide release platform, IFC!

Loathable Winner of the Week: Babies, which looks to do for reproduction what Oceans did for environmental awareness. Meaning it'll hit a limited target audience, and everyone else won't give a shit because Iron Man 2 is out!

- Adam Shankman should NOT be allowed to direct Oz the Great and Powerful. Why? Four words: Bringing Down the House. That doesn't scare you? How about two more words: The Pacifier. Still not phased? Ok...how about "Cheaper by the Dozen 2"? What type of sick individual are you? You're testing my sanity, aren't you? Fine...one last attempt, and this one's a double whammy. Bedtime Stories, and almost anything done by Zac Efron. Oh...now you're scared? Well you fucking should be.

- The Time of Angels = Cheapest Cliffhanger Ever! C'mon, guys! (Needless to say, it was pretty badassed.)

- Green Day has officially sold out. Every time I hear some commercial for American Idiot, I keep thinking how horrible it is that Antidisestablishmentarian Rock Music has so quickly turned into "Pop Rebellion" musical theater. It cheapens us all, and makes Green Day look like the new paycheck whores of the music biz. May Trent Reznor beat you into submission with his mighty angst.

- Caffeine...I love you so.

- The Nook is being pimped at your nearest Barnes and Noble location today. I think the girl in the front knew she had a sale, if it weren't for the fact that I'm saving for the whole package. (The device, replacement plan, cover, rechargable battery, maximum memory chip, etc.)

- Vamp-O-Rama will be on hiatus after Vampire Zero's completion/review. I will be taking part in 1 Book, 1 Twitter's Book Club reading of Neil Gaiman's American Gods. This is my first Gaiman, so I'm pleased to finally be exposed to the man's work, as well as joining in on a huge social media experiment.

- British General Elections will beat the pants off of American Elections for entertainment. Replace the rumors with blisteringly direct attacks of character and policy (and on national television to boot) and you've got something that's quite marvelous to watch.

- The "Runaway Couple" from Ohio are fucking assholes. You don't dump your wive via text message, you don't abandon your one year old daughter and husband, you don't make everyone think you've been abducted, and you don't bury your head in the fucking sand if you really want to get away. Watching these two interview on GMA was more painful than Andrew Young and his wife getting their asses kicked. If GMA makes you look like a couple of dipshits, it's your own damn fault.

- Twitter Celeb to Follow: @JohnLarroquette - the man is part DJ, part raconteur, part actor, part Noir enthusiast, all entertainment and class.

And now, to kick start the week here's the Dutch Swing College Band with the Tiger Rag!

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