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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Power of the Image, or "A Picture's Worth An Hour of Therapy"

I had a scare today, and it nearly derailed me for the evening.  My girlfriend, the beautiful basket case she can be at times, was overly stressed over matters that had crossed her mind.  She'd hit one of those "I feel trapped" moments and she'd begun to tell me what was going on.  I admit, it made me rather skittish myself.  I hit my own temporary doldrums and started to feel stressed and slightly depressed myself.  While this was happening, I was taking a training course for work, and just when I'd gotten into "cope by working harder" mode, I saw this...

This image, presented in the course, is goofy.  Not the funny type of goofy, but the groan inducing type of goofy.  On a surface level, it's not even that funny, and on a normal day I wouldn't really crack up upon viewing it.  But today it made me laugh for a seconds long torrent of giggling.  Is it the briefcase music stand?  The "slo-mo" effect of the man's conducting, or even still the second rate Nathan Fillion look he has about him?  (Note: This would have been MUCH funnier with Nathan Fillion.  Just saying, the man makes me laugh.)   Whatever it is, it gave me the storm breaking laugh I needed.

The big, overarching point I guess I'm reaching for here is that we all need our own "Business Conductor Man" moment daily, for if we don't we'll surely melt into madness.  It's the small releases during our daily existence that stop us from killing a random passerby, or jumping from a moving bus into a sea filled with hungry parasites, piranhas, and postal workers.  (Note: Alliteration knows no sense of reality.)  Without them, we become saddened, angered, or just downtrodden.  I'm going to go home tonight, and I'm going to try and show my girlfriend something that will be her release.  To help her find her own equivalent of the "Business Conductor Man" would be a win of the day, simply because I know it would make her smile again while drawing her away from that brink we all find ourselves facing down.

In the meantime, I hope this piece of digital acreage I run can function as your own "BCM" moment of the day.  Though judging by some of the audience I attract here, I tend to inspire some to need a BCM rather than serve as one.  So in case you're from that demographic, I'd like to close with an image that may cater to your BCM needs.

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