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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Monday GAAAH! - 9/20/10

Week in, week out, we find ourselves at the same place at the start of the week.   Say what you will about Monday, but at least it's constant.  Always there, always waiting, always a pain in the ass.  Let's get this started, shall we?

- Finally visited a Digital IMAX this weekend, and it's decent.  The sound system's on par with (if not possibly better) than an IMAX theater, simply because of how small it is.  However, the screen doesn't touch a proper IMAX's greatness, and therein lies the problem.

- Nicholas Sparks has become the Chick Lit equivalent of Michael Crichton, simply because his books are optioned for films before they're even released.  The only difference is that Crichton's books didn't suck, nor did they take the same story beats and reuse to the point of exhaustion.  The only questions you need to ask yourself while reading his works are "Who dies?", and, "From what?"

- The Town topped the box office last week, with Easy A and Devil pulling the rest of the Top 3 into place.  (Supposedly Devil is good, which puts it above Resident Evil: Afterlife, which was meh.)  Still, an America where Ben Affleck is heralded and Emma Stone is drooled over is an America I think we can say we're proud of.  Here's this week's Futile Box Office Predictions:

1. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole
(Owls, an amazing voice cast, and an IMAX 3D release all pretty much put this film at the top of this week's heap.)

2. The Town
(Gotta love Ben Affleck's comeback.  Jennifer Garner be praised.)

3. Easy A
(Good luck resisting Emma Stone for a second week in a row.)

Lovable Loser of the Day: Scott Pilgrim, because yeah...I'm still sore about that.

Loathable Winner of the Day: Catfish, because between this and Paranormal Craptivity 2, you'll see a lot of Independent films taking the "Demand It!" route of release in order to make money and boost buzz about their pictures.  How about making a good movie that stands on its own merits?

- Vegan Peanut Butter Cups are delicious.  So's making Chocolate Peanut Butter mixture with the left over ingredients.

- Seriously if you haven't seen Gone Baby Gone, correct that error forthwith.  You'll see why everyone's wetting themselves over how good The Town is.

- Pumpkin Watch 2010: Wawa is in the lead with their Pumpkin Spice Latte, Dunkin Donuts is behind.  Next contestant is Starbucks.

- MSN's Unfortunate Headline Combination of the Week: "Superbug | 'Frankenfish' | Hospital shooting".  (Guess the Mystery Meat...isn't such a mystery after all.)

- I wasn't kidding with that My Generation pledge to watch the episodes and rant about them.  I've already set my DVR and hope to have the first real time review up on Friday or Monday. 

- Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are holding twin rallies on October 30th.  In other news, this could possibly be the coolest thing to happen in recent history.  Plus, you just know attendance is going to dwarf that of the Beck/Palin rally, which is gonna piss the GOP off before the Midterms.

- Question of the Week:  Are you going to the Stewart/Colbert rally?  If so, are you marching to Restore Sanity or Keep Fear Alive?

- Blockbuster Online recently introduced Video Games into their rental policies.  Too little, too late, too bad.  Netflix should partner with Gamefly and finish them off.

Instead of an Opening Act this week, I'd like to draw some attention to a serious matter...

The T-Virus is no laughing matter.  Protect yourself. 

Obviously, this is all just a joke; so go out there and have a good Monday with your proper Opening Act, Marc Broussard.  My buddy Kyle exposed me to this guy on a road trip to PA, and listening to this song I honestly could see it playing during the opening of one of Tony Scott's movies, which would undoubtedly star Denzel Washington. 

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