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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Monday GAAAH! - 10/4/10

A week's break has left me ready to write again...at least for now.  Monday has now officially begun.

- I was supposed to be back last week, but events prevented me from being able to write.  Mostly, drama went down and people were upset.  Needless to say, the dust has settled and all parties are relatively quiet about the proceedings.  Normally, one would expect me to go off on an expanded commentary relating to such matters, but in this case it's just not doable.  It's done, and the situation itself got too serious too quickly to even laugh.  Sorry for the gap in service.

- If you didn't see The Social Network becoming a box office hit then congratulations...you're Mark Zuckerberg.  Futile Box Office Predictions, ho!

1. The Social Network
(Kids can't get enough of the Facebook, and this seems to be the "must see to remain socially relevant" film of the moment.)

2. Life As We Know It
(Two words: Counter programming.  Another two words: Christina Hendricks.)

3. Let Me In
(I'd love to see this puppy pull a Polar Express and rise up through the charts this weekend.  It's Halloween, people.  It's time to get scared!)

Lovable Loser: Let Me In, because of the dismal first weekend it racked up this past weekend.  Yes, it's a remake, but it looks like one of those remakes that pays serious attention to the original product and adapts it in such a way that it doesn't disrespect the original.  I could be wrong, but the film community seems to be agreeing with me.

Loathable Winner: Life As We Know It, because housewifes and boring women are draw their queen shrew like moths to the flame.  (In case you didn't get that, I'm yet again calling Katherine Heigl an ungrateful, unwatchable bitch who spit on her film career the minute she badmouthed the film that made her famous.  You say it's pronounced "Hi-gal", I say it's pronounced "Fuck you, entitled fame whore, now get back to work".)

- I have a new short fiction project in the works.  The first installment was supposed to be last Friday, but sadly has been delayed.  However, I do intend for Part I to be finished for Thursday publication, with this Friday starting the weekly trend for the story's progression.  Trust me kids, it's worth it.

- Unfortunate MSN Headlines of the Week: Terror threat | Britney tattoos | Rick Sanchez  (Now THAT'S one hell of an autobiography!)

- The Cathy comic strip ended this past weekend, signifying that yes, Liz Lemon has replaced Cathy Guisewite as her comic's alter ego.  Forgive my callousness, but my opinion on Cathy as a kid was that all she did was prevent me from having a little more Calvin and Hobbes in my life.

- I miss my old best friend.

- I was planning on criticizing/mocking My Generation mercilessly, but unfortunately I'm going to have to cancel that project.  The reason is simply that the show isn't as fun to mock as I'd hoped it would be.  It's your boiler plate relationship drama where there's too many coincidences and connections to even believe it's organic.  It's too contrived and every love triangle sprouts another love triangle that just ruins any semblance of story structure.  I apologize, but I could do better.  (Besides, the show was predictably cancelled after two episodes anyway.)

- I love the Target marketing campaign officially dubbing the last weekend of October "Halloweekend".  Seriously, Halloween's always been a favorite of mine since I was a kid and it's awesome to see it get its due.

- NaNoWriMo is coming up next month, and as such I'll be developing my idea for my novel this month.  Characters will be fleshed out, locations will be (hopefully) scouted, and a cover will be designed.  For now, I'll give you info on the title and main character: the book is entitled "The Collegiate", and will be the first (of at least four) mysteries dealing with campus private detective Daniel Marlowe.  Of course, I'll be covering that over at The Bookish Kind, but I thought it'd be a good idea to cross-promote/announce things here.

- Might actually be going to the Rally to Restore Sanity, provided all the right details fall into place.  Chez from Deus Ex Malcontent and Jay from Best of the Left are both rumored/confirmed to be there as well, confirming that yes this is the "bastion of Liberalism" everyone's touting this to be.  Should I be going, I'll provide details in case any of you want to meet up.

- Christine O'Donnell has dabbled in witchcraft, hates pre-marital sex of any form, and looks like the bastard child of Sarah Palin and Rachel Ray.  In other words, she's the hardest candidate to beat (it to) in this year's Midterm Election.  (Though what does it say about us as a nation if we're looking for masturbation fodder amongst our political candidates?)

- I still have two My Abusive Relationship with Hollywood posts cooking.  Please forgive the lack of programming.

To open us up this week, I've selected a cherished classic.  Here's Henry Mancini with "A Shot in the Dark" as heard in the opening of the titular film.

As a bonus, here's Stephen Colbert pwning Capital Hill with his testimony on Migrant Workers.  It's amazing that this man wasn't allowed to run for the Primaries in 2008, but at the same time it's no surprise because he would have won.

Finally, to make up for the lack of a Happy Friday Video, here's a classic clip from "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" featuring the irrepressible Colin Mochre.

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Jessica said...

Cedar Point has been hosting Halloweekends for as long as I can remember. Just a pointless fun fact.