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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Monday GAAAH! - 5/23/2011

I can't tell you how many times I've tried writing this post, and how many times I've just failed to get past a couple of lines.  It's sad, considering this blog has been around for three years and the output has dwindled to such low numbers that it could probably represent a graph for sex after marriage.  (Hey-oh!)  Nevertheless, I'm here and the World is safe for another day.  Let's get to it, shall we...

- I've been struggling to keep things up on this end, but in the interim here's what I've been doing:
     * Taking up karaoke.
     * Getting back into cooking.
     * Dealing with relationship drama.
     * Writing my novel, as well as another short story.
     * Becoming addicted to Animes my kid brother has been showing me.
     * Becoming addicted to Archer.
     * Becoming addicted to L.A. Noire.
     * Reading.
     * Enjoying the colors of Spring.
     * Trying to revive this blog.
     * Making things more beautiful.

- So Michael Steele is apparently going to be an MSNBC contributer.  This move surprises me, simply because I would have thought Sesame Street would have snapped him up thanks to the Daily Show's flattering portrayal of his visage through cloth.

- Christina Perri's album Lovestrong is on shelves now, and I highly suggest buying it.  The woman knows how to sing, she knows how to write, and she's amazingly beautiful.  Yes, I did just gush there.

- MSN's Unfortunate Headline Pairing of the Week: "Pink slams Selena Gomez | Bin Laden plans revealed"   (I'm assuming those plans were to shoot and distribute his own porno after a healthy kidnapping of American Pop Stars?)

- Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides won the Box Office this weekend, but somehow came off as a disappointment both critically and financially.  Apparently almost $400 million Worldwide means nothing if you've failed to make massive bank Domestically.  Here's this week's Futile Box Office Predictions:

1. The Hangover Part II
(Honestly, I'm worried about this movie, because how many times can the same four adults get into crazy shit like this before you label them completely irresponsible and/or legally retarded?)

2. Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides(Don't expect this to go anywhere until Super 8 comes out.)

3. Kung Fu Panda 2(It'll be a Box Office draw, but just not a huge one.  Still, looks awesome and I can't wait to check it out.)

Loveable Loser of the Week: Bridesmaids, but only the loser in the sense that it'll be number 4 this weekend.  Seriously, this kitten's got whiskers, and I know people who have yet to partake in the laughter.  (Myself included.)

Loathable Winner of the Week: Friedman and Seltzer, who somehow finagled financing for a fucking 3D Avatar parody.  Honestly, these shitstorms are still considered a bankable investment?!  Not even their Twilight riff managed to stir much notice.  Though the financing does seem to be coming from Mel Gibson's Icon Entertainment, so maybe he's trying to Rapture us all spicy like.

- It's good to be writing again.  Seriously, to everyone who's stayed with me these past three years, thank you.  To everyone who's joined up along the way, thank you.  To all who will join up or have just joined up, welcome.  To all that have left...go fuck yourselves.

-  *inhale* Da-n-ger-Zoone.

- Is it bad that Too Big To Fail is on HBO tonight, and I'm actually excited to see it?  If so, then seriously, go fuck yourself.

- Speaking of L.A. Noire, think they're big fans of Mad Men?  Already there's four cast members that have been spotted in game, and honestly I wouldn't be surprised if there were a couple more.

- Right now, Trent Reznor is probably plotting some awesome scheme of social upheaval...and he's setting it to music. 

- It's a bit late, but all that respect I thought I had for Mike Huckabee...consider it rescinded.

- Calling it now: Election 2012 is going to be an Obama/Romney slugfest, with a possibility of Pawlenty or Huckabee being Romney's partner on the ticket.

- For the folks that remember when I used to post book reviews here, Chad Kultgen has a new book coming out soon.  Look for my review of Men, Women & Children: A Novel on my book review blog, The Bookish Kind.

As this week's opening act, I'm going to continue to lavish praise on Christina Perri.  Seriously, if you needed any more incentive to buy her album, she knows how to put together a music video.  Not to mention the album is half "break up", half "falling in love" songs.  Here's her awesome second single, Arms.