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Mike Reyes, aka Mr. Controversy, has considered himself a writer ever since he was a child. He wrote for various school publications from about 1995 until 2006, and currently runs both The Bookish Kind and Mr. Controversy, which is an offshoot of the regular column he wrote in High School. He's also a film journalist/critic for Cocktails & Movies and CinemaBlend, as well as the author of several short stories such as "The Devil v. George W. Bush". Any inquiries for reprinting, writing services, or general contact, should be forwarded to: mikereyeswrites@gmail.com

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Friday Video - 6/17/11

Once again, I've become quite lamely slow with my updates on here.  I know, I'm a bad kid.  Anyhow, I've got a Happy Friday Video if you're interested.  (And of COURSE you are, otherwise why are you reading?)  This song's become a favorite of mine ever since the first time I heard it off of Michael Buble's live album Caught in the Act.  It's such a favorite of mine that I actually wrote it into The Collegiate (which will be finished...any day now =P).  I dare say I'm even tempted to sing it at the next karaoke gathering I'll be present at.  (Another hobby I've taken up that distracts from the pursuit of writing.)

Anyhow, here's The More I See You, right off of the Caught in the Act DVD.  Happy Friday everyone.  Try to resist starting a kick line to this one, I dare you.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


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