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Monday, October 1, 2012

Bleeding Hell, or "You should be watching Bumbloods"

Full disclosure, before my gushing: the product I'm about to review is from a buddy of mine.  However, I wouldn't be selling you on this if I didn't think it was awesome.  And quite frankly, it's the tits.  You've been "warned".

A little backstory before we start: Joe Bandelli, one of the minds behind this miniseries I'm about to review, is a High School friend of mine.  We graduated the same class, ran against each other in the Senior Year Class President race, and we've kept in touch here and there.  For some time now, he's been making movies and putting them on the Internet for everyone to watch.  Unlike any celebutard that does the same thing though, his are actually pretty damned entertaining.  And now, with the Season of the Witch upon us, it's time for things to get a little spooky.  Also, a little funny, because every trick needs a treat.  Bumbloods brings the tricks, and remembers to supply the treats as well.

Short synopsis: Dr. Jeremy Madison (Played by co-writer Matthew Wise), along with his roommate Mario Krepeli (played by Mr. Bandelli) are two of the last men standing after a new synthetic drug turns 90% of the world into zombies, or "Bumbloods".  Our story will focus on these two men and their quest for survival, redemption, or at the very least a healthy case of bromance.

I'm going to go out on a limb and do one of those critic comparisons that you always hear with movies.  If you loved Shaun of the Dead, you're going to love Bumbloods.  No...seriously, you will.  Bandelli and Wise manage to recapture the Shaun/Ed dynamic that Pegg and Frost made famous, but still manage to bring something fresh to the table.  Jeremy and Mario aren't just pale comparisons to the work of Edgar Wright, but they are loving homages that nail everything you love about those characters without looking like some kid just changed the names and set it in New York.  (In other words, this won't end up on CBS' line up starring Lucy Liu anytime soon.)  It's fun, it's zombified, and it's something that should have been loading on your computer in the time it took you to read this review.

No worries, I'll provide the embed down below.  (And, if you're all interested, I'll gladly provide the embeds every Monday.  If anything, that works because I always have a Monday video to push anyway.)  So, without further ado, I proudly present to you all: Bumbloods - Episode 1: "Saving Grace".  Don't forget to visit www.bumbloods.com for stills, information on the show, as well as a fresh episode every Monday in October.  (And if you guys like what Joe and Company have provided, you're going to want to be around here on Friday.  Let's just say an idea I've had brewing for last Halloween has decided to re-animate itself.  Yes, for the subtlety impaired, it's a zombie story.)

Bumbloods Episode 1: Saving Grace by Bumbloods

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