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Monday, October 1, 2012

The Monday GAAH! - 10/1/12

So last week wasn't as productive as I had hoped.  I had a slate of pieces ready to go, but my duties at The Bookish Kind and What Culture kind of have me working in triplicate.  Still, more writing is a good thing, and more places to show it off is also a good thing as well.  I can tell you this though: a new Musical Anatomy is in the works, as well as a new short fiction series, which is just in time for Halloween.  For now though, let's start the week off the way we always do...wishing it were Friday again.

- Anne Hathaway got married this weekend, and that's all we're saying on the matter.  No...seriously.  That's it.  Game over, man.  Game over.

- Also, the Doctor Who mid-season finale was as sad as everyone was hyping it up to be.  ARGH!  No questions on that either.  Jesus!

- R.I.P Michael O'Hare, Commander Jeffrey Sinclair from Babylon 5.  After a heart attack, Mr. O'Hare had slipped into a coma, upon which he never awoke.  J. Michael Straczynski posted a rather fitting tribute to him on his Facebook page.  It's from Mr. O'Hare's brother, and it's as sweet as it is heartbreaking.  Goodbye Mr. O'Hare. 

- The Breaking Dawn part II poster will slowly be revealed over the next 24 hours, piece by piece.  Currently available for view: the shits that I give about Twilight, and my joy for its departure into the annals of "trends that should have died a LONG time ago".

- Hotel Transylvania topped this weekend's box office, with Looper pulling a beautful second place finish.  Here's hoping for a long haul for the latter and a quiet exit for the former.  (I still haven't forgiven Adam Sandler for Jack and Jill and Bedtime Stories.)  That said, here's this weekend's Futile Box Office Predictions:

1.) Frankenweenie - It's a kid's release, it's Halloween, it's Tim Burton...Kindergartners and  Hot Topic rejoice.

2.) Looper - Expect some strong word of mouth, the handsome-ness of JGL and Bruce Willis, and time travel junkies to sell this puppy for another week.  (Hopefully.)

3.) Pitch Perfect - It's very Glee-esque and it had a 6th place soft opening, so I'm expecting a sleeper hit.  Unfortunately, it won't be a smash hit.  Thank Tim Burton for that.

Lovable Loser of the Week: Dredd 3D, because it's not exactly making a killing at the box office, which just leaves us with an awesome cult classic.  (And short hard, awesome SciFi/Action; whilst Len Wiseman is allowed to remake The Mummy.  Fair shake, eh Hollywood?)

Loathable Winner of the Week: Frankenweenie, because when Plain White T's does a cover of "Pet Semetary" on your soundtrack, you've kinda just summed up the expectations of this film for anyone who's above 12.  (The dog's still adorable, so I might give it a shot.)

- MSN's Unfortunate Headline Pairing of the Week: "Bieber vomits onstage | Bonaduce: Fan bit my faceTwo things:  1.)  Does this mean Justin Bieber has been performing all of his shows without listening to his own performances?  2.) What's Danny Bonaduce doing at a Justin Bieber concert, nevermind the fact that he had to have been in the front row to have been Bieber Blasted?  (At least, that's what I'd think Selena Gomez would call it.)

- I don't appologize for that Justin Bieber joke.  I'll apologize for it the day he apologizes for his music.

There's no video in the GAAAH this week, simply because I've already posted Episode 1 of Bumbloods earlier today.  My buddy Joe is the co-writer/co-star of this awesome zombie madness, and if you haven't seen it already head below this post and watch it!  Share, enjoy, and comment on the awe and glory that is Bumbloods. 

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