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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Beast In Me

Oh wow has it been a long fucking time since I've been on here.  Seriously, I haven't written on here regularly for at least a good couple of months, and that is totally my fault for various reasons.  If you've got a little while, I'll explain.  If not, then take the following out the door with you: I never stopped writing, I've just been writing elsewhere.

For those of you who decided to stick around, here's the rundown: Since last October, I've taken up two different writing gigs.  Gigs that if successful, could prove to be career making gigs. One is with the fine folks at WhatCulture, where I reside as their Doctor Who Editor and Contributor At Large.  They work on a point system over there; so the more views, shares, and content I have to my name, the higher up on the ladder I'll be.  The top prize: an Associate Editor ship, with Full Time hours and actual pay; which would be awesome for several reasons.  The most important one being I lost my job just two weeks ago, but more on that later.  If you're interested in my WhatCulture work, which will basically be half of the bulk of my Entertainment writing, click here for my Author's Profile, and keep coming back.  Even those of you who heckle me can visit, as it will only help build my notorious profile.

The other gig I've landed is with the fine institution of Cocktails and Movies.  Now a funny story about that one: I was thinking of planning a screening group that would go out for drinks and flicks, and even had the name Whiskey and Popcorn picked out.  Then, through random happenstance, I happened to meet and fan the very page I'm now a contributor for.  So far, I've pushed two pieces for them, and I'm hoping to be involved with more of the business end proceedings that'll attempt to make us a countrywide entity.  Again, it's going to take all of you to help out with the good fight and make this a viable thing.  If you want to check out my work there, click here.

Which brings us to the meat of today's post: my sudden and inexplicable unemployment.  Well, it's not that sudden, because I've felt and known the company was going down the tubes for quite some time.  When you're the only full timer banished into a Cubicle, you start to think you're the bastard son of the organization.   It's funny and sad when you realize that all those nights you stayed late, and those days you covered the front desk as the company's official in-house temp, officially meant dick when it came to saving your job.  Regardless, the job I thought I was doing, the tenuous and limited but measured enough security I thought I had, and the standing I thought I had in the company were much less than I thought, and I made it a point to undersell myself.  I was constantly convinced I would be one of the first to go in any such action, and I was deadly correct.  I just thought I had more time to get myself into a better situation before I landed where I am now.  Indeed, I'd started looking for jobs at a moderate pace, and I'd even had a phone interview the Wednesday before I was laid off.  I thought I was set for evac before the arbitrary August 2013 deadline that coincided with the clandestinely open office move we were making.  But, as with any point in this sordid state of affairs, no one knew anything and everyone assumed something different.  Information was scarce and denied to certain parties who asked for it, but everyone knew something was coming.  We just didn't know what.  If you remember your history, and your Shakespeare, Caesar was warned to "beware the Ides of March".  It would have been nice to have the same sort of cosmic warning the great Roman emperor did before his backstabbing, because that exact day was the last I would serve as an employee at my place of employment.  (I won't mention them by name, because God knows what they'd try to do if I did.  I don't know if it's any sort of violation, but anonymity doesn't hurt in this case.)

Suffice it to say that if you've watched Mad Men, the moment I was told to shut the door and take a seat, I knew something was up.  Three of us were let go that day, and I've been wrestling with that fact quite a bit as of late.  Indeed, it seems like a catalyst for me to stand up and really speak my piece on a lot of things.  I've been trying to avoid confrontation, as I like being liked by everyone and have a massive inferiority complex when it comes to arguments, especially when it comes to Politics.  Indeed, I tried to swear off of them, and I'm not entirely sure I can.  Which brings me to why we're here today.  Mr. Controversy is going back to what it was in the beginning, back to its initial form when I put fingers to keyboard back in High School and wrote the first ever Mr. Controversy column: it's going to be my Rant outlet, and it might just be more Politics and Culture related than anything Entertainment, since Entertainment is covered on two other sites.  Rest assured, between those two sites, this blog, and The Bookish Kind (YES, it still exists!), I'll be popping up a lot more often on the radar.

With all of that, I'm going to sign off for now and just let you all know that the Beast within hasn't died, hasn't weakened, and hasn't faded.  It's just been a little off topic.  Before we go, here's those links again:

Thanks for sticking around, and here's to a better tomorrow!